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כנס ענן 2022 גיא אהרון מייסד משותף ומנכל Playermaker וידאו

“Using tech, we discovered soccer player Harvey Elliot’s capabilities before the rest of the world did”

02.05.22|Doron Broitman
“Our technology enables an athlete to analyze their capabilities compared to other players on the field,” explained Guy Aharon, co-founder and CEO of Playermaker
כריסטיאנו רונלדו חוגג בלי חולצה

Data tracking of athletes tests ethical boundaries

31.01.21|Ouriel Daskal
From sleep patterns to biometrics, teams are seeking new revenue streams to capitalize on stars' most intimate info
רוג’ר פדרר

The Future of Tennis: Data Decides the Match

14.07.19|Ouriel Daskal
Israeli startup LVision makes sophisticated tennis analysis available to anyone with a smartphone