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נשיא רוסיה ולדימיר פוטין יולי 2020

Rights activists petition court to block export of Cellebrite spy tools to Putin’s investigative committee

24.09.20|Hagar Ravet
The petition claims that the export of the system has gone on for years despite a long list of embargoes and sanctions initiated by the U.S. and European Union against the committee
הפגנה מחאה הונג קונג 1

Rights activist petition court to block Cellebrite export of spy tools to Hong Kong

02.09.20|Hagar Ravet
The petitioners claim that Cellebrite's technology is being used to violate human rights due to the political unrest in the former British colony
אתר תדמור סוריה כולל האמפיתיאטרון לוויין ישראלי אופק 16

Defense ministry shares first images from Israel’s state-of-the-art spy satellite

The images show the ‘Tadmor’ world heritage site in Syria, ancient ruins and the renowned Roman theater
משרדים חברת אינוופ Invop LTD ב פתח תקווה

Psy-Group CEO Touted Company’s Ability to “Change Public Discourse” on a National Level

09.10.18|Lilach Baumer, Orr Hirschauge and Tomer Ganon
A Monday report by The New York Times identified Rick Gates as the top Trump campaign official who contacted the Israeli intelligence firm
ראש ממשלת הונגריה ויקטור אורבן  ואשתו בהצבעה בבחירות לפרלמנט 8.4.18

Black Cube Tampered With Hungarian Election Campaign, Report Says

08.07.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Politico reported that the Israeli spy firm was hired to discredit Hungarian NGOs ahead of the recent elections won by right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
צילום מסך מתוך החנות המקוונת של החשבון הסאטירי TheMossadIL

Fake Mossad Handle Starts Selling Fake Mossad Swag

12.02.18|Tofi Stoler
Satirical Twitter handle @TheMossadIL gained notoriety in August when it trolled American pro-Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour