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פולי קפה

How does coffee make it to your mug? An Israeli startup uncovers the trail

16.11.20|Orna Yefet
Brandmark’s app provides transparency to reveal coffee traceability, uncovering its route from the field to your kitchen
איש העסקים ארנון מילצ'ן

Financial Secrecy Promised to Immigrating Millionaires Is a Stain on Israel

19.02.20|Omri Milman
In the Financial Secrecy Index published by independent international network the Tax Justice Haven for 2020, Israel has not made significant strides
מוסף שבועי 14.2.18 בנימין נתניהו בקלפי בחירות 2015

Facebook Emails Election Ad Policies to Israeli Party Officials

15.03.19|Adi Pick
As of last month, Israeli legislation prohibits anonymous political publications posted online
מוסף שבועי 14.2.18 בנימין נתניהו בקלפי בחירות 2015

Facebook to Launch Political Transparency Tool in Israel Less Than a Month Ahead of Election

26.02.19|Raphael Kahan and Tofi Stoler
Concerns about the use of social media for meddling in the Israeli election process by forces from within and without the country have been voiced over the past few months by politicians and officials charged with securing the integrity of the election
חנן מלצר שופט המשנה לנשיאת בית המשפט העליון

Facebook Introduces Election Protection Features to Israel’s Central Elections Committee

05.02.19|Tofi Stoler
In a meeting held Sunday, the committee’s chairman asked Facebook’s global politics and government outreach director Katie Harbath to launch Facebook’s transparency features as early as possible
מרק צוקרברג פייסבוק חולצה אפורה טי שירט  אפריל 2017

Facebook to Increase Ad Transparency in Israel (Not Much) Ahead of General Elections

28.01.19|Adi Pick
Once enforced, Facebook's new policies in Israel will require advertisers of electoral ads to be pre-approved