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גלעד טלמון מנכל tetavi

TetaVi’s Technology Could Enable Viewers to Walk Through a Virtual Reality Movie

15.01.20|Lilach Baumer, Las Vegas
Israel-based TetaVi develops volumetric video technology made portable using four depth cameras developed in-house
דודי בן עיון דודי בנעיון מנהל פיתוח הספורט של אינטל ישראל

Younger Sports Fans Want to Be a Part of the Narrative, Says Intel Sports Exec

08.01.20|Lilach Baumer, Las Vegas
Dudi Ben-Auen, head of research and development for Intel Sports and general manager of the department’s Israel office, spoke to Calcalist at the 2020 CES tech exhibition
אינטל סטודיו Intel Studios

Intel Announces Intel Studios, Featuring 3D Content-Creation Technology

10.01.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Intel CEO revealed the studio’s first shot scene at CES on Monday, announcing a partnership with Paramount