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דוכן של חברת אבנון הישראלית ריק תערוכת התעשיות הביטחוניות דובאיי

Israeli defense companies grounded, can’t attend UAE weapons expo following court ruling

22.02.21|Udi Etsion
Companies’ booths at annual IDEX conference stand empty after a judge refused to overrule a government committee forbidding reps from traveling
הטילים שנמצאו

Report: Israeli defense industry executives among 20 detained for illegal trade in suicide drones

The suspects had received instructions from entities related to an Asian country, not considered hostile by Israel, Ynet News reports
מטוס החמקן F35 של חברת לוקהיד מרטין

Report: Secret clause of Israel-UAE deal lifts U.S. embargo on sale of F-35s to the Gulf state

UAE ruler conditioned the peace deal on its ability to purchase advanced weapons system; Prime Minister’s Office says Israel hasn’t changed its policy
נשק מתוצרת רמינגטון האמריקאית ב תערוכה ב נבדה ינואר 2018

Israeli defense exports drop by 5%, ministry to focus on G2G deals

22.06.20|Udi Etsion
Head of exports division says Covid-19 devastated global defense sector, Asia Pacific countries remain biggest buyers
Header  אלביט Hermes 900 StarLiner

Israeli Aeronautics Company Unveils Military Drone Authorized to Fly Alongside Civilian Manned Aircrafts

Elbit is currently assembling a series of Hermes 900 StarLiner drones scheduled to be delivered to the Swiss Armed Forces in 2019
נ"מ סורי בשמי דמשק מתקפת חייל האוויר על יעדים ב סוריה

Regional Violence Highlights a Middle Eastern Arms Race

14.05.18|Amir Rapaport, IsraelDefense
President Trump's withdrawal from the Iran Deal unveiled a small portion of an arms race that has been underway in the last few months throughout the Middle East