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מגזין נשים 2024 רוני אלחלל גבעון מנהלת קהילת הנשים Women in Energy

"There are many, many opportunities in the energy sector, and every woman can contribute to it in her own way"

29.02.24|Adiel Eithan Mustaki
The director of the community Women in Energy, Roni Elhalal Givon, decided that it was time to break through the male-dominated energy sector and established a community to encourage women to join one of the most important and influential fields in the world
וועידת לונדון פאנל נשים: מימין: רובינה סינג מקרן אוקטופוס ונצ'רס, קייט רוזנשיין ממיקרוסופט, ניקול פריאל מקרן IBEX , רותם אלדר...

"Only when women see themselves as decision makers of the future, will their situation change”

23.03.23|Sophie Shulman
Sophie Windwood, a Principal at Anthemis' investment team, was speaking in a panel on women at the Mind the Tech London conference. Rubina Singh, Principal, Octopus Ventures: “Women should invest more in networking and not be afraid to ask questions."
Mor Lakritz

SafeBreach welcomes Mor Lakritz as Chief Financial Officer

The cyber company’s platform continuously executes attacks, correlates results to help visualize security gaps, and leverages contextual insights to highlight remediation efforts
שני גינת

SentinelOne appoints Shani Ginat as VP of Human Resources

Ginat will help the cybersecurity powerhouse implement its global human resources strategy in the face of the fierce cyber talent recruitment competition
 תמר רפפורט דגים סמנכ”לית כספים ותפעול ב אמדוקס

Working from home will set women back decades, says Amdocs CFO

14.03.21|Diana Bahur-Nir
“At Amdocs, I’m no longer the only woman in the room,” said Tamar Rapaport-Dagim, but predicts that working remotely during the pandemic will harm women in the long run