4 stories about YOOM
Nir David

YOOM appoints Nir David as its first Head of Gaming

David will focus on helping studios create characters faster and more cost effectively
Limor Schwartz YOOM

Limor Schwartz appointed Managing Director at YOOM

The appointment follows a $15 million investment raised by the company in October
Ctech Ecommerce Matan Efrima

“The metaverse is not a revolution, it’s a natural evolution”

16.11.22|Noa Gadot
Matan Efrima, CPO at YOOM, said his company's technology enables people to bring their real selves into the metaverse in order to engage with their audiences
YOOM team

YOOM, formerly Tetavi, raises $15 million from star-studded investor list

25.10.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s volumetric technology allows the creation of photorealistic digital content and experiences for the Metaverse and Web3