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שכר כסף שטרות שקל שקלים תשלום משכורת השקעה

6 Startups to Help You Pay Your Bills

These Israeli startups can help relieve some of the headaches from one of the most hated parts of running your small business — payments
מידד שרון עודד זהבי נדב נאמן ויזה

Visa Partners With Three Israeli Fintech Companies

04.09.19|Adi Pick
Last year, Visa launched a startup collaboration hub in Tel Aviv with the purpose of integrating new technologies into Visa's payment system
חברת הסטארט־אפ הישראלית  Zooz

The Israeli Ecosystem’s Superpower Is its Global Thinking

02.08.18|Avichay Nissenbaum
Avichay Nissenbaum of Lool Ventures, an early investor in recently acquired Zooz, explains how the fintech startup highlights the advantage Israeli startups hold over companies from larger markets
חברת הסטארט־אפ הישראלית  Zooz

PayU to Acquire Israel-Based Payment Startup Zooz

23.07.18|Meir Orbach
The companies have been working together for the past year and a half
חנות לממכר ביטקוין ב ת"א תל אביב

CTech’s Thursday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Watchdog tells Israeli prime minister and ministers they cannot buy cryptocurrencies. Israeli-made UAV dumps skunk-water on Gaza protesters.
אורן לוי מנכל ו בעלים משותף זוז

Payment Startup Zooz Launches New Payment Platform

17.05.18|Meir Orbach
Zooz develops and operates a payment consolidation and analytics platform for e-commerce sites