What does it take to get a job at eBay in Israel and who raised $8.5 million?

CTech Daily Roundup: Israel has amazing companies, we’d be glad to work together, says Emirati CEO

CTech 22:5103.11.20

1,000 people solve a tech riddle for a chance to work for eBay in Israel. The tech giant posted a test on its homepage to help it recruit new developers, in one day 1,000 candidates competed for 20 open positions. Read more


Israel has amazing companies, we’d be glad to work together, says Emirati CEO. Israel is very big in retail tech, which the UAE needs, says founder of company that operates 1,800 stores. Watch full video

eBay offices in Israel. Photo: Yair Sagi eBay offices in Israel. Photo: Yair Sagi


Israel’s IDI Insurance and Japan-based MSI launch ‘The HUB’ to promote innovation. The partnership will help the two nations develop innovative solutions for the insurtech spaces in Israel and Japan. Read more


Omnix Medical completes $8.5 million round to develop next-generation antibiotics for treatment of life-threatening infections. The Israeli startup has successfully completed testing in animals and the new funding will allow it to begin clinical trials with humans. Read more


Israeli tech can benefit from a new generation of UAE investors taking the reins from their fathers. The younger generation of investors want to diversify their portfolios, but require the know-how that Israelis can provide, says Obediah Ayton. Watch full video


Israel’s Nurami Medical raises $6 million for tissue repair solution. The company’s innovative approach relies on synthetic nanofibers to speed up repair of tissues after brain surgery. Read more


Citi Accelerator TLV announces companies taking part in 10th cohort. The 2020 cohort focuses on areas like AI, cybersecurity, insurance, and money laundering. Read more


Work routines are a lot more flexible post-Covid-19, says Riskified’s VP of HR. The workforce has seen many changes in 2020, but for Riskified not all of them have been negative, as Rotem Amitai tells CTech. Read more


Analysis | Trump, Biden? It doesn’t matter, Israel has already won. No matter who sits in the White House, U.S. aid is still guaranteed and the world’s only superpower will continue to be the primary target for Israeli exports. Read more


Delivery drones edging closer to becoming a reality in Israel. Drones are now being used at the Ziv Medical Center in Safed to deliver medicine and test kits within its complex. Read more