Who is helping women in tech get their due and which company uncovered Hollywood’s secret sauce?

CTech Daily Roundup: The entrepreneur from Kafr Manda who built a cybersecurity unicorn

CTech 22:4430.05.21
The entrepreneur from Kafr Manda who built a cybersecurity unicorn. From the day he got his first computer, Orca Security co-founder Wagde Zabit knew he found his calling. How does one man from a small Arab community get to the top of Startup Nation? Read more


SentinelOne raised $100 million to fund Scalyr deal. An SEC filing from earlier this year revealed that the Israeli-founded cybersecurity company raised the funds in February, the same month it bought Scalyr, a cloud-scale data analytics platform, for $155 million. Read more
Sushi. Photo: Yonatan Ben Haim Sushi. Photo: Yonatan Ben Haim


“It’s like eating Sushi with Tahina”: How Israel and Japan formed an unlikely business relationship. On paper, these countries and cultures couldn’t be more different - that’s what makes them so perfect for each other. Read more


The FemForward sisterhood that helps women in tech get their due. FemForward, a Jerusalem-based project, encourages women to claim their place in tech. “They go through the program and they begin believing in themselves.” Read more


Vault AI has the technology to uncover Hollywood’s secret sauce. By analyzing more than 150,000 data points in a single script, the Israeli company can determine what shows and movies will be a success. Read more


Stopping infection spread in the office with a simple click. Israeli medical device startup Canario’s offering allows managers to keep the chain of infection under control, limiting further Covid-19 cases. Read more


Opinion | Are we reliving the past? Term sheet déjà vu. To negotiate attractive financial terms, startups must leverage lessons learned from previous financial events, including the dotcom bubble and 2008 global crisis. Read more