Gal Gitter Ctech Unicorn Forum

“The first thing we recommend is to not overreact to the market sentiment that's going on right now”

Gal Gitter, Partner & Managing Director of Ibex Investors, provided insights to the importance of efficiency of growth in times of crisis

Gal Gitter CTech Unicorn Forum
“We are now at a point where it is really important for any company to look at some of the metrics on how much a customer costs them to bring on, how much a customer is worth, how can they grow a customer, and how can they avoid churn of a customer," explained Gal Gitter, Partner and Managing Director at Ibex Investors when speaking to CTech during Calcalist and Discount Bank’s Unicorns Forum.
Gitter further pointed out that “We were not overreacting in 2021 and so we are trying not to overreact in 2022 and the big difference in what we are focusing on in all of our companies is on the efficiency of growth. And growth is the first thing that matters for an early stage company.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.