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Taboola CEO: “Yahoo is an internet hero and will drive our revenue”

29.11.22|Sophie Shulman
Founder and CEO Adam Singolda was delighted after announcing his company had entered into a 30-year commercial agreement which will see Yahoo receive a 25% stake in the digital advertising platform
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“I live in a nerd’s Disneyland. I’m the Robin Hood of the internet, a Yoda battling the bad guys”

17.04.22|Diana Bahur-Nir
Adam Singolda, founder and CEO of Taboola, learned from his father how to fall in love with an idea, and from his mother to always question the price of milk
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Taboola CEO: "This was my first job and now I'm ringing the Nasdaq bell"

01.07.21|Meir Orbach
Adam Singolda said that despite going public in New York, Taboola's heart will remain in Israel. "I believe that we will continue to grow in Israel and are proud to invest in Israel. That isn't going to change."
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Three lessons I learned from Taboola's IPO

01.07.21|Chemi Peres
Chemi Peres, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Pitango and an investor in Taboola, tells CTech about the company's 14-year journey from a dream to Wall Street
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Taboola extends long-term collaboration with Yedioth Ahronoth Group

Calcalist to be added to Taboola’s list of publishers, enabling content to reach wider audiences
ירון גלאי אאוטבריין

After merger with Taboola gets nixed, Outbrain CEO says it was like mixing oil and water

Yaron Galai wrote a blog post explaining his side of the break-up and tried do differentiate between the two would-be partners
אדם סינגולדה מייסד מנכ"ל טאבולה ועידה לצמוח ממשבר

Taboola CEO explains why the merger with Outbrain failed: “The original deal does not make sense anymore”

10.09.20|Meir Orbach
Adam Singolda published a blog post in which he laid out the reasons that the deal between the Israeli content distribution giants fell apart
מוסף 50 הסטארטאפים המבטיחים 11.5.16 אדם סינגולדה טבולה

ZTE Partners with Content Distribution Company Taboola to Deliver Its Own News Feed

08.04.18|Meir Orbach
ZTE will offer Taboola-powered personalized content news aggregator on its devices, in a service similar to that of Apple News, Blinkfeed, and Flipboard
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Content Discovery Company Taboola Launches Third-Party Data Marketplace

27.09.17|Meir Orbach
The ad-tech company partnered with Oracle Data Cloud and other data providers to offer micro-targeted content on its platform