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Airbnb Facing Lawsuit in the U.S. Over Israeli Settlements Ban

29.11.18|Adi Pick
A group of 18 Americans has filed a lawsuit in Delaware against Airbnb following the company’s announcement that it will be removing listing in Israeli settlements in the West Bank
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Israel Won’t Settle for Airbnb’s Settlement Snub

27.11.18|Adi Pick and Orr Hirschauge
Update: Israeli minister Erdan sent letters to five governors in the U.S. from both political parties. Early last week, Airbnb announced the company will be removing “approximately 200 listings” in Israeli settlements from its service
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Israel-Airbnb Clash Over Listings in West Bank Settlements

20.11.18|Lilach Baumer
Airbnb announced it decided to remove listings in Israeli settlements in the West Bank Monday
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Airbnb Host Receives Cease and Desist Order from Israeli Regulator

22.10.18|Nimrod Busso
The owner, a French citizen who visits Israel occasionally, was found to violate the building’s terms of residency
תיירים בירושלים קבוצות מאורגנות של תיירים בכניסה ל כנסיית הקבר ירושלים

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Among Top 10 Most Expensive Destinations on Airbnb

Outranking both New York and London, Tel Aviv takes up the fourth place with an average overnight rate of $188. Jerusalem is ranked ninth with an average of $173 a night
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Rental Property Management Company Guesty Raises $19.7 Million

Guesty is a cloud-based management platform for vacation rental services such as Airbnb
בנימין נתניהו ישיבת ממשלה 17.12.17

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Softbank leads $120 Million investment round for AI-based insurance company Lemonade. Teva CEO tells Netanyahu layoffs will proceed as planned. Israel to tax Airbnb hosts directly through the service’s website
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Israel Plans to Tax Airbnb Hosts Directly through Service’s Website

19.12.17|Omri Milman
Last month, the Israel Tax Authority announced it is working out a taxing scheme for Airbnb rentals in the country, which are currently not formally regulated
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Israel to Tax Airbnb Businesses

22.11.17|Omri Milman
Regulation will be published in the upcoming weeks, an Israeli tax authority executive said
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Peers. Trump. Experts

24.07.17|Russell Rothstein
In 2017 for the first time peers were perceived as credible as technical experts. The internet has lowered the barrier to entry. We might benefit from raising it back up