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מוסף עצמאות 14.4.21 גל שאול ו סער יוסקוביץ' מיסדיי Augury

Unicorn Augury cuts 18% of workforce in second round of layoffs

02.08.23|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup is laying off 70 employees after parting ways with 20 staff members at the start of the year
מוסף עצמאות 14.4.21 גל שאול ו סער יוסקוביץ' מיסדיי Augury

Unicorn Augury laying off 5% of team

04.01.23|Meir Orbach
The mechanical diagnostics platform provider, which raised $180 million in October 2021, is cutting 20 jobs
עבודה מהבית

"Hybrid work is not harming effectiveness"

23.10.22|Maayan Manela
According to Gal Shaul, one of the founders of Augury, "if you are able to achieve some kind of balance that suits you, then working hours are not important"
דבורי בן בסט אוגורי

Augury appoints Dvori Ben Basat as CFO

Ben Basat will take on the role she held until recently at Seebo, which was acquired by Augury last month for a combination of cash and stock valued at between $100 million and $200 million
מימין לשמאל: מייסדי סיבו ליאור עקביא ולירן עקביא, מייסדי אוגורי סער יוסקוביץ׳ וגל שאול

Augury acquires process-based AI company Seebo for $100 million

10.05.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli unicorn will add to its machine health solutions Seebo’s process-based artificial intelligence which helps manufacturing teams optimize processes in the face of multiple, often-conflicting objectives such as improving quality, throughput and yield
 סיון שמרי דהן Sivan Shimri Dahan Qumra Capital

Startup investors looking beyond the money in ESG

26.09.21|Allon Sinai
Three early-stage investors explain why they are giving more weight to the impact startups create rather than just focusing on financial growth
Israel Climate Change

9 Israeli companies helping fight the climate crisis

As the world battles climate change, these Israeli companies are at the forefront of innovation
מייסדי Augury אוגורי  מימין גל שאול ו סער יוסקוביץ'

Augury joins the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community

“Augury offers a fresh perspective to keep production lines up and running, by providing the technology and the experts that allow for a comprehensive view of machine health diagnostics,” said Francisco Betti, Head of Advanced Manufacturing and Production at the WEF
מייסדי Augury אוגורי  מימין גל שאול ו סער יוסקוביץ'

Augury helps Carrier with its new digital offering

26.04.21|James Spiro
The digital offering connects customers' equipment to Carrier's cloud-based IoT platform
Augury CEO Saar Yoskovitz

Shared office cultures between New York and Israel is a ‘fool’s errand’, says Augury

When opening up an office in the U.S, Augury had to adapt to a whole new set of values and norms. Here’s how they did it
Keren Rubin Augury

“Adaptability is key” during Covid-19, says Augury’s VP of People Operations

As everyone was sent home to work remotely, Augury’s Keren Rubin remembers how the IoT served its employees and their families
מייסדי Augury אוגורי  מימין גל שאול ו סער יוסקוביץ'

Israeli IoT startup Augury completes $55 million series D funding

14.10.20|Meir Orbach
The need for remote maintenance of industrial machines during Covid-19 lockdowns has seen the company’s revenues increase substantially
ועידת תעשייה ישראלית 2018 גל שאול CTO ומייסד משותף Augury

IoT Startup Augury Raises $25 Million

31.01.19|Amarelle Wenkert
Augury analyzes sounds produced by industrial machinery to detect potential mechanical malfunctions early on