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חסות מדיה חברת המילטון ליין אמיר ירון נגיד בנק ישראל

Bank of Israel: “Israel has a good record in terms of coming out of military events”

22.05.24|James Spiro
Professor Amir Yaron made the remarks during his Keynote Speech at the Hamilton Lane Annual Investor Event in Israel 
אמיר ירון נגיד בנק ישראל חיילים מלחמה מלחמת עזה

Bank of Israel: Gaza war to cost economy over $50 billion

27.11.23|Adrian Filut, Zvi Zerahia, Reuters
Israel’s budgetary costs for the war (expenditures + loss of income) are expected to total 198 billion shekels (approximately $53 billion) - about 10% of GDP
אמיר ירון פרופסור נגיד בנק ישראל

Bank of Israel Governor Amir Yaron given second 5-year term

20.11.23|Irit Avisar
The decision will be submitted to the government for approval at its next meeting. Yaron's term was supposed to end after 5 years on December 24, but he already announced that he will remain in his position at least until the end of the war in Gaza
אמיר ירון נגיד בנק ישראל

Economy of war: Bank of Israel expected to lower interest rates by 0.5%

17.10.23|Adrian Filut
The central bank is already formulating possible scenarios for the economic consequences of the war. According to the least pessimistic scenario, the Israeli economy will suffer a loss of domestic product of approximately $5 billion
דולר שקל מלחמת עזה שדרות חיילים צה"ל שוטרים חיפוש מחבלים מצבע חרבות ברזל

Sale of foreign currency by Bank of Israel fails to stop shekel devaluation, dollar hits 7-year high

09.10.23|Miki Greenfeld
The American currency jumped by more than 2% against the shekel after Hamas' murderous attack. The Bank of Israel unexpectedly announced the sale of $30 billion worth in foreign currency in an attempt to curb the sharp retreat in the shekel
אמיר ירון נגיד בנק ישראל

Bank of Israel to sell $30 billion of forex to stop shekel devaluation amid Gaza war

09.10.23|CTech and Reuters
"The bank will operate in the market during the coming period in order to moderate volatility in the shekel exchange rate and to provide the necessary liquidity for the continued proper functioning of the markets," the bank said in a statement
אמיר ירון נגיד בנק ישראל

Israel central bank still unsure about launching CBDC

“Whether or not we will issue a digital shekel is still an open question, as it is in most if not all other advanced economies,” said Bank of Israel Governor Amir Yaron at a conference on digital currencies
אמיר ירון נגיד בנק ישראל

Bank of Israel Governor: “Current interest rate can contain inflation”

11.10.22|Shlomo Teitelbaum
In an exclusive interview, the Governor of the BOI, Amir Yaron, clarifies the need for the interest rate to jump and explains why he’s convinced that Israel will overcome even an extreme economic scenario
בניין בנק ישראל ירושלים גבעת רם

Current crisis not on same scale as dot-com bubble, says Bank of Israel

09.08.22|Irit Avisar
A study conducted by the central bank on the consequences of the crisis on Israeli high-tech noted that only 9% of high-tech jobs are exposed to a high risk of layoffs
פרופסור אמיר ירון נגיד בנק ישראל

Big Brother is coming for your data: The Bank of Israel demands to know what you’re buying

26.08.21|Zvi Zerahia
The Bank is asking credit card companies and banks to provide them with consumer buyer behavior over the past five years, which will assist the Bank in determining economic policy
מימין שר האוצר ישראל כץ ויו"ר הרשות לניירות ערך ענת גואטה

Israeli Securities Authority to supervise fintech companies in the payments sector

27.05.21|Irit Avisar
Finance Minister Israel Katz adopted the ministry’s recommendations to have the Authority supervise innovative payment financial services as well as open banking. Large fintech bodies and digital wallets will remain under the Bank of Israel’s supervision
בניין בנק ישראל ירושלים גבעת רם

Bank of Israel presents a glimpse at the ‘digital shekel’

11.05.21|Shlomo Taitelbaum
The bank published a model draft detailing a possible issuance of a “digital shekel,” which will be transferred to the public by financial intermediaries, won’t require an internet connection, and can be exchanged for actual cash
ועידת שוק ההון 2018 פרופ' יעקב פרנקל יו"ר נגיד בנק ישראל לשעבר 2

Online trading platform Plus500 appoints Jacob Frenkel as its new chairman

25.03.21|Hezi Sternlicht
The former Bank of Israel Governor and JPMorgan Chase International chairman says the company can help make financial markets more accessible to all
נגיד בנק  ישראל פרופ' אמיר ירון ינואר 2020 1

Bank of Israel chief says it's ready to buy more than $30 billion of foreign currency to contain shekel’s strength

The shekel gained some 8% against the dollar in 2019, and another 8% last year despite central bank foreign currency purchases of $21 billion
Ami Aharonovich

Warning: Israel must take more steps to stop USD decline or risk losing foreign R&D centers

20.01.21|Ami Aharonovich
The government must implement an active policy to bring the dollar back to the NIS 3.5 level or face the consequences
מימין היזם זוהר לבקוביץ' גל גיטר ibex רון יקותיאל Kaltur

Top tech CEOs demand Israeli government stop dollar depreciation against the shekel

17.01.21|Naomi Zoreff
“Israel is about to lose a leading growth engine due to the apathy and indifference of the government of Israel and its economic establishments,” wrote executives and entrepreneurs from the likes of IronSource, SimilarWeb and AppsFlyer
שקל דולר מט"ח מטבע חוץ שער חליפין כסף מזומן

Israeli tech sector raises alarm bells over plummeting dollar

Local tech companies traditionally raise funds in USD, meaning most of the sector is adversely affected by the exchange rate hitting lows not seen since November 1996
אילנית מדמוני Ilanit Madmoni Gateways Stampa

Ilanit Madmoni: The senior regulator overseeing the adoption of financial innovation

The head of Bank of Israel’s innovation unit believes that open banking will encourage customers to exercise financial responsibility when making decisions, while also increasing competition for additional services