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כנס ענן 2022 בתאל וולנטיין בלאיש, BeeHero  CBO וידאו

"Saving the bees is nothing short of a challenge to save humankind"

02.05.22|Irad Atzmon-Schmayer
“Bees are the center of humankind’s food supply, and they’re dying,” said Batel Vallentine Blaish-Sultanik, the CBO of BeeHero during Calcalist’s Cloud and Data conference
כוורת רובוטית של Beewise

The robotic hive saving the bees and the food chain

20.04.22|Meir Orbach and Raphael Kahan
The shoebox-sized robotic hive developed by Beewise monitors temperature, pests, and honeycomb production, while providing beekeepers with routine updates on hive conditions
מייסדי ביהירו

BeeHero raises $15 million to save the bees, solve global food crisis

06.10.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli agritech startup is the fourth largest pollination provider in the U.S., and will use the funds to recruit additional staff for its Silicon Valley offices
דבורי בומבוס האבקה דבורים התחממות גובלית

How Covid-19 Can Save the World’s Bee Population

08.05.20|Dov Greenbaum
As many are looking at science to save them from the pandemic, the public’s attitude towards CRISPR technologies is changing, which may prove crucial in helping honeybees worldwide survive the spread of an extremely violent variety of giant hornets
דבש דבורים כוורות פנאי

Land of Tech and Honey: 5 Israeli Startups That Tackle the Dwindling Bee Population

08.12.19|Adi Pick and Tofi Stoler
From improving bee health through automating beehive care, to creating artificial pollination devices, below are five Israeli startups looking to solve the problem of the disappearing bee
דבש ללא דבורים טכניון

Busy Bees: Technion Students Aim to Make Honey Without Bees

22.11.19|Adi Pick
The synthetic vegan honey is made by the bacterium Bacillus subtilis, which "learns" to produce the honey after being reprogrammed in the lab
דבש דבורים כוורות פנאי

Tel Aviv’s Busy Data Bees Join Global Hivemind

01.01.19|Ari Libsker
A smart beehive on the roof of a central Tel Aviv shopping mall is part of a global pilot designed to help save the honey bee
דבש דבורים כוורות פנאי

Automated Pollination Company Edete Raises $3 Million

17.06.18|Meir Orbach
Edete develops and manufactures an automated fruit orchard pollination system that reduces dependency on insect-based pollination