9 stories about Censorship
נדב שובל OpenWeb אופן ווב ממייסדי החברה והמנכ"ל

OpenWeb: “We do the dirty job of the internet - we clean it”

28.02.22|James Spiro
The Israeli unicorn uses machine learning and AI to detect hate speech in internet comment sections while promoting healthy conversations
רשתות חברתיות רשת חברתית טוויטר טיקטוק אינסטגרם פייסבוק סנאפצ'ט ווטסאפ

Who gets to define incitement?

27.05.21|Viki Auslender
Israeli requests to remove online content spiked in the wake of the recent Israel-Gaza conflict. However, social media is showing a growing reluctance to comply. So who decides the boundaries of free speech?
Jessica Zucker   ג'סיקה זאקר מנהלת מדיניות מוצר ב פייסבוק העולמית אירוע בת"א 27.1.20

Facebook Will Not Restrict Political Lies Ahead of Israel's March Election

27.01.20|Omer Kabir
In a Tel Aviv meeting with local journalists, Facebook executives said the company considers fact-checking political statements to be a form of censorship
פנאי סרט מלחמת הכוכבים עלייתו של סקייווקר

China, Russia, and the Galactic Empire All Have One Thing in Common: Internet Censorship

31.12.19|Dov Greenbaum
Rather than deposing dictatorships, the internet, through fake news on one hand and legal censorship on the other, now seems to empower them
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Why Sharing Your Data Online Is Much Like Sharing Your Toothbrush

22.11.19|Dov Greenbaum
With the internet a bastion for rampant misogyny, bigotry, racism, and fake news, both democrats and republicans alike are pushing for more online censorship
רופא שיניים ילד

How Netflix’s Quarrel With Dentists Reflects on the First Amendment

15.02.19|Dov Greenbaum
As U.S. dentists accuse Netflix of spreading misinformation on root canals in a recent documentary, researcher Dov Greenbaum discusses whether filmmakers should be held responsible for bad science
איילת שקד ראיון

“Facebook Bill” Progresses in Israeli Parliament

15.07.18|Omer Kabir and Lilach Baumer
The bill will give government attorneys a fast-track to have content they deem as illegal or inciting removed by court order from social network sites
ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו נואם ב או"ם ניו יורק

Bill to Remove Online Incitement Is Undemocratic, Israel's Government Watchdogs Warn

13.07.18|Omer Kabir
The legislation, known as the “Facebook bill,” is expected to come up for a vote before Israel’s parliament next week
מטה פייסבוק ארה"ב

Facebook Executive Describes Monumental Task of Detecting and Removing Terrorism Content

15.06.18|Asaf Shalev
A director of counterterrorism policy at the social network briefed Israeli and American homeland security officials in Jerusalem about the company’s efforts to combat extremist speech