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Classiq car

Classiq collaborates with BMW Group and NVIDIA to optimize mechatronic systems

The goal of this project is to enhance efficiency and reduce energy waste, which can result - among other things - in the increased efficiency of electric vehicles. 
Quantum computer

Classiq partners with Toshiba Digital Solutions on gate-based quantum computing

12.06.23|James Spiro
The Israeli company was recently in Japan for Calcalist’s first Israel-Japan Conference
ועידת טוקיו Team Tokyo אבי בכר מנהל שותפויות בכיר Classiq

Classiq: Helping organizations jumpstart and accelerate their quantum computing

Jet engine

NVIDIA, Rolls-Royce, and Classiq announce quantum computing breakthrough

The companies have designed and simulated the world’s largest quantum computing circuit for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), which Rolls-Royce plans to use for modeling the performance of jet engine designs in simulations
Quantum computer

KPMG and Classiq join forces to offer quantum computing capabilities to enterprise customers

KPMG's Global Quantum Hub announced a collaboration with Classiq, the Israeli quantum software company, to bring innovative quantum solutions to clients
Nir Minerbi

Microsoft and Israeli startup Classiq collaborate to bring advanced quantum software to researchers and academic institutions

Collaboration to offer academia access to state-of-the-art quantum algorithm design, analysis, and hardware execution via Azure Quantum
Ami Appelbaum

Israel Innovation Authority making major push to develop quantum computing technologies

The IIA has announced the formation of the largest consortium in its history to develop quantum computing tech with a budget of over $30 million

"Once the quantum revolution starts it will be exponential"

Meet Amir Naveh, CPO & Co-founder of Classiq, which was selected as one of “Tomorrow’s Growth Companies” by Qumra Capital
Qumra Capital team

Qumra’s Top 10: The Israeli startups you need to watch out for in 2023

14.09.22|Omer Kabir
From software development for quantum computers to an AI-based virtual assistant for the elderly: these are the 10 startups selected to Qumra Capital’s “Tomorrow’s Growth Companies” list
מחשוב קוונטי QM מימין איתמר סיון יונתן כהן נסים אופק

Quantum Machines to establish Israeli quantum computing center in $30 million deal

18.07.22|Meir Orbach
The Israel Innovation Authority has chosen the Israeli startup, in collaboration with Classiq, to establish the center which will allow researchers to conduct R&D on a universal quantum computer
Team8 Cyber

“Quantum computing will revolutionize every large industry”

27.06.22|James Spiro
Nir Minerbi, Co-founder and CEO of Classiq, was speaking during an event organized by Team8 to kick off Cyber Week