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מטה גוגל מאונטיין וויו קליפורניה

Google’s upcoming plans for Israel: a server farm and fiber optics network

02.08.21|Raphael Kahan
After being awarded the government tender for cloud computing, Google is expanding its Israel operations. Calcalist has learned that will include a server farm in the Sharon region and an ultra-high speed fiber network, in addition to its subsea cables linking Europe to Israel
עמית ברקת ו שגיא גידלי

The Israeli company democratizing enterprise security

25.07.21|Yafit Ovadia
Perimeter 81’s security as a service technology shows how the world is transitioning from on-premises firewalls to more flexible mobile solutions, making cybersecurity accessible to anyone
ורד פליס

The pandemic holds many opportunities for women in cloud-tech

13.04.21|Vered Flis-Segal
Women’s representation in technological positions is relatively low, but is even lower in cloud computing. “Women in the Clouds” platform encourages other women to join a relatively new but booming field
פליאופס Pliops אורי בייטלר משה טוויטו אריה מרגי

Pliops completes $65 million investment round led by KDT and Nvidia

24.02.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company aims to improve data center efficiency with its soon to be launched storage processor
רונית אטד מנכ"לית מיקרוסופט ישראל כנס מיקרוסופט פיננסים

“We are witnessing a digital acceleration in nearly every aspect of life”

23.12.20|Hagar Ravet
Rapid digitalization, reliance on clouds, work from home, and cyberattacks: Ronit Atad sums up her bizarre first year running Microsoft Israel
מימין רועי חרמוני רוית גבע גיא ריינר כנס מיקרוסופט בריאות

“The unlimited computing capabilities of cloud technology enabled the rapid development of Covid-19 vaccines”

20.12.20|Maayan Manela
Over the past year medical teams have been developing solutions for digital health at faster rates due to cloud technology, say leading professionals in Israeli health sector
ארבינד קרישנה  IBM יבמ

IBM announces splitting of company, plans to list its IT infrastructure services unit as a separate company by end of 2021

The company has shifted focus to cloud growth in recent years, aiming to make up for slowing software sales and seasonal demand for its mainframe servers
חוות השרתים התת קרקעית ב הר חוצבים

There’s data in them hills: Bynet is building one of Israel’s largest server farms under Jerusalem

05.08.20|Tal Shachar, Ynet
Major companies and organizations are investing millions in new data centers. Ynet visited the underground fortress that is set to launch activities in several weeks
ownbackup team

Cloud backup startup OwnBackup raises $50 million

07.07.20|Meir Orbach
OwnBackup did not disclose its valuation for the round but, according to co-founder Ariel Berkman, it has doubled
מייסדי ספוטינסט spotinst מימין לירון פולק עמירם שחר

Cloud Computing Startup Spotinst Buys Optimization Company StratCloud

Spotinst uses artificial intelligence to predict and buy discounted unused compute power
מייסדי ספוטינסט spotinst מימין לירון פולק עמירם שחר

Cloud Computing Startup Spotinst Raises $35 Million

28.08.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Spotinst offers cloud computing optimization services, listing Sony, Samsung, Unilever, and Qualcomm as clients
חוות שרתים של אמזון

Serverless Computing Is a Paradigm Shift for Cloud Computing

02.07.18|Avi Arnon
The serverless revolution is akin to delivery companies moving away from owning large trucks to managing a fleet of leased vans, and from there, to outsourcing transportation to a third-party fleet of scooters
משרדי IBM ב מגדל השחר

IBM to Close Jerusalem Offices, Move to Greater Tel Aviv

30.10.17|Meir Orbach
The multinational tech company is centralizing its operations in Israel
default image

5 Things You Should Know About Alibaba’s Quarterly Results

22.08.17|Daniel Shinar
From cloud computing to finding missing children, Alibaba delivered solid numbers