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קרינה אודינייב מייסדת קורטיקה

AI developer Cortica and Johnson Electric launch $8.5 million autonomous inspection startup

The new venture, named Lean AI, will leverage JE’s knowledge and experience in manufacturing processes and Cortica’s autonomous AI technology
יהושע זאבי Yehoshua Zeevi CORDiguide

Cortica announces CORDiguide, medical spin-off of autonomous AI technology

09.03.21|James Spiro
CORDiguide helps navigate the catheter in cardiological and cerebral interventions
Philippe Metoudi CEO of Fintica

Israel-based Fintica extends R&D collaboration with Nikko Global Wrap after a successful trial

17.08.20|James Spiro
Fintica, a spinoff of Cortica, leverages next-generation AI to understand volatile market and steer investment decisions
כפפות חד פעמיות מסכות קורונה

Unmasking Quarantine Dodgers: Facial Recognition Startup Corsight AI Raises $5 million

26.04.20|Adi Pick
The company has developed the ability to recognize faces even if they are hidden by face masks, protective goggles, and plastic face shields—common wear during the Covid-19 pandemic
יגאל רייחלגאוז Cortica הייטקיסט

BMW, Toyota Partner With Computer Vision Company Cortica

04.09.19|Meir Orbach
The multinational car manufacturers have teamed up with Tel Aviv-based Cortica to launch a new subsidiary dedicated to artificial intelligence for autonomous vehicles
ועידת פריז 2018 מייסדת קורטיקה קרינה אודנייב

Semiconductor Company Renesas Partners With Computer Vision Company Cortica

As part of the collaboration, Cortica’s artificial intelligence technology will be embedded into Renesas’ new system-on-chip for the automotive industry
ועידת פריז 2018 מייסדת קורטיקה קרינה אודנייב

Swiss Stock Exchange Operator Partners with AI-Startup to Develop New Services

Tel Aviv-based Cortica will help the operator identify and evaluate AI-based business opportunities and develop new offerings
ועידת פריז 2018 מייסדת קורטיקה קרינה אודנייב

Next Generation AI Will Be Based on the Mammal Brain, Says Cortica Exec

07.10.18|Omer Kabir
The current deep learning and general intelligence approaches to artificial intelligence are cumbersome and limited, says Cortica co-founder Karina Odinaev, speaking at a conference on innovation held by Calcalist at the Mondial de l'Automobile auto show in Paris