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Fitch reaffirms Israel's A+ rating, removes Negative Watch

Fitch ratings' outlook for Israel remains negative to "reflect the combination of uncertainties around the fiscal trajectory and the war's duration and intensity, including the risk of regional escalation."
האנליסט הראשי האחראי על דירוג ישראל בחברת הדירוג הבינלאומית S_altP מקסים ריבניקוב

Israel's credit rating faces S&P threat if conflict broadens beyond Gaza, warns Director

"The negative outlook on the ratings implies that we currently see at least a one-in-three chance of a downgrade over the next one to two years," said Maxim Rybnikov, director of EMEA Sovereign & Public Finance Ratings at S&P
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Israel’s Political Limbo Endangers Credit Rating, Says Moody’s

08.03.20|Omri Milman
The credit rating agency is concerned over the possibility of a fourth election round or an unstable coalition unable to make cutbacks and raise taxes, as well as the possible implications Netanyahu’s trial will have on state institutions
בנימין נתניהו שר האוצר משה כחלון ישיבת ממשלה שבועית

S&P Is Overconfident About Israel

02.02.20|Omri Milman
The credit rating agency reaffirmed Israel’s AA- credit rating over the weekend, downplaying concerns about the country’s local political limbo and its effect on the mounting deficit
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Fitch Affirms Israel’s A+ Rating, Citing Strong Growth

01.09.19|Omri Milman
The credit rating agency affirmed the rating with a stable outlook, estimating the deficit will grow to 3.6% of GDP in 2019, in line with the forecasts of the Israeli Ministry of Finance
העיר תל אביב מלמעלה  זירת הנדל"ן

S&P Reaffirms Israel’s AA- Credit Rating With a Stable Outlook

04.08.19|Adrian Filut
The credit agency said Israel’s economy is “diversified, competitive, and resilient,” and that the country’s main credit limiters are geo-political risks and government debt
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Citing Stable Economic Outlook, S&P Gives Israel Its Highest Credit Rating Ever

05.08.18|Omri Milman
On Friday, the credit rating agency upgraded Israel’s rating to AA- with a stable outlook. The higher rating will enable Israel to raise credit with more favorable terms
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Teva to Repay Due Loans with Junk Bond Private Offering

01.03.18|Lilach Baumer
The debt-laden generic drugmaker is offering around $3.5 billion in senior notes in both dollar and euro denominations
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Teva Gets Fresh Cash, Fresh Woes

04.02.18|Dror Reich
After the troubled drugmaker finalized two deals that will enable it to repay some of its debt, S&P placed it on CreditWatch negative on Friday
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Moody’s Downgrades Teva Bond Rating to “Junk”

14.01.18|Lilach Baumer
The credit rating agency is following is the steps of Fitch, which did the same in November. Of the “big three,” only S&P Global still rates Teva as investment grade
מטה טבע פתח תקווה

Fitch Downgrades Teva to Junk Rating

07.11.17|Yaniv Rahimi
The U.S. credit agency changed Teva's rating from BBB to BB, with a negative outlook, due to "significant operational stress." The downgrade might affect Teva's ability to take on additional debt