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חמאה מוצרי חלב אוכל

As Butter Shortage Spreads, Israelis Resort to Hoarding and Even Churning Their Own

28.10.19|Meirav Crystal, Navit Zomer, Iris Lifshitz Kliger
“If someone needs two sticks of butter they buy eight,” an employee of Israel's biggest supermarket chain Shufersal said
הנשיא ראובן ריבלין נשיא דרום קוריאה מון ג'יאה-אין סאול 15.7.19

Israel to Exempt South Korean Cars, Baths, Soy Sauce From Customs Duty

Israel and South Korea have completed their negotiations on a free trade agreement that would exempt imports and exports of certain types of products from tariff
הונג קונג רחוב קניות קוזוויי ביי Causeway Bay

Israel, Hong Kong Agree to Ease Export-Import Process

30.06.19|Omri Milman
According to the agreement, authorized economic operators on both sides will receive various benefits and exemptions at customs
מרכז ה סחר ה מקוון של דואר ישראל ב מודיעין

Israel Is Unprepared for E-Commerce Revolution, Says Government Watchdog

23.10.18|Omer Kabir
In a new report, the Israeli state comptroller criticized the country’s postal service and customs authority for failing to meet the necessary challenges, as Israel’s online retail market grows by 25% a year