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Riding the ironSource dragon all the way to Wall Street

29.06.21|Daniel Shinar
CEO of Clal Industries’ ClalTech, one of ironSource's notable investors, tells Calcalist about the road that led to the biggest public offering ever by an Israeli company
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Retail Isn’t Dead—Amazon Kidnapped It, Says Claltech CEO

24.02.19|Adi Pick
Claltech CEO Daniel Shinar was interviewed on stage at Calcalist’s WeTechBerlin conference
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For Barnes and Noble, It’s 1994 All Over Again

14.01.18|Daniel Shinar
Stock of the American bookstore chain sunk to its lowest point since 1994, largely due to competition from Amazon
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5 Things You Should Know About Alibaba’s Quarterly Results

22.08.17|Daniel Shinar
From cloud computing to finding missing children, Alibaba delivered solid numbers