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ארגון ללא אנשים

Microsoft's new voice mimicking AI VALL-E presents both opportunities and risks

22.01.23|Dov Greenbaum
Are the capabilities of VALL-E to spoof a voice also an infringement of the right of publicity?
מוסף שבועי 7.11.19 פשע אופנה ערימת בגדים טקסטיל

Can fashionable also be sustainable?

04.01.23|Dov Greenbaum
"The use of novel technologies in the fashion industry to reduce its negative impact on the environment raises a number of non-trivial ethical, legal and social considerations," writes Dov Greenbaum
בוט רובוט אינטליגנציה מלאכותית AI

Can we talk? OpenAI’s new chat bot opens a Pandora’s box

08.12.22|Dov Geenbaum
OpenAI, an AI research lab co-founded by Elon Musk, released its latest AI natural language processing (NLP) creation, ChatGPT, the legal consequences of which must be considered
תינוקות ב מבחן חיתולים

A Gattaca replica? From science fiction to IVF reality

02.11.22|Dov Greenbaum
With the 25th anniversary of the sci-fi thriller focusing on genetic ethics, it's time to examine the lack of regulatory oversight in the field, including the recent Israeli case of an IVF baby's unknown birthparents
תחנת חלל מסחרית אקסיום ספייס Axiom Space 3

Israel’s space race has an IP issue that needs its own exploration

02.09.22|Dov Greenbaum
“If you want to develop AI-mediated space technologies and you want to be safe from the nuisance of IP infringement lawsuits, maybe consider developing and launching it from Israel,” writes Dov Greenbaum.
אדמת הירח

Race back to space: Nations want a piece of the moon pie

19.08.22|Dov Greenbaum
With the upcoming launch of NASA's Artemis rocket, which involves Israel too, Prof. Dov Greenbaum explores the latest legal space battles
The Jetsons Astro and Rosy

Re-meet George Jetson: Innovation inspiration goes back to the future

05.08.22|Dov Greenbaum
According to fans of the futuristic cartoon series, The Jetsons' patriarch, George would have been born in 2022. To mark the occasion, Reichman University's Prof. Dov Greenbaum examines the innovation the show predicted and promoted
אינטל מטאוורס

The risks and opportunities of metaverse digital twins

09.05.22|Don Greenbaum
"Porting real-life experiences into the metaverse’s immersive environment will raise novel ethical, legal and social questions," writes Dov Greenbaum
מתכוננים למטאוורס בסין

Opportunities abound in the metaverse for hangry people of faith

15.04.22|Dov Greenbaum
Perhaps the next time the stars all align, and Ramadan, Good Friday and Passover all coincide, members of all three religions can enjoy a shared virtual meal in the metaverse while they simultaneously physically abstain, writes Dov Greenbaum
Fashion Tech FashTech

Fashion Week: Let's get digital

22.03.22|Dov Greenbaum
An inherently wasteful business, the clothing industry has a sustainability problem, but Digital Fashion can help significantly reduce its climate impact
לווין בחלל

Who is going to stop space terrorists?

08.01.22|Dov Greenbaum
"If the aim of terrorist organizations is to terrorize, causing any sort of harm in space, even if its only to smaller, less valuable, satellites, it is scary enough," writes Dov Greenbaum
הדמיה די אן איי DNA

How to regulate recreational medical devices?

11.12.21|Dov Greenbaum
"Even if the consumer doesn’t have medical expectations, the privacy implications of the data are just as problematic as when the device is a medical device," writes Dov Greenbaum
בינה מלאכותית רובוטים AI מרכז שירות

When AI goes too far

25.11.21|Dov Greenbaum
“The use of AI to help in the hiring process is growing, and it has found an even broader audience because of the pandemic,” writes Dov Greenbaum
Tech Globe Shutterstock

AI Ethics: Who will police the machines?

28.10.21|Dov Greenbaum
China, the US, and private corporations all have different priorities and guidelines when implementing artificial intelligence, explains Dov Greenbaum.
Law Tech

The rule of law? More like the code of law

21.10.21|Dov Greenbaum
We could imagine a world where the law is code, and that code is available to everyone on our smartphones such that we could know how to act legally regardless of the situation before us, writes Dov Greenbaum
ביטקוין עובדים משקיעים כסף דיגיטלי מטבע וירטואלי

Happy Bat Mitzvah Bitcoin! My how you’ve grown

08.01.21|Dov Greenbaum
12 years on, the world’s top cryptocurrency is affecting the lives of more and more people and increasingly finds itself under state scrutiny
מעקב אחר אזרחים פרטיות מיקום ניטור

Privacy breaches add insult to Covid-19 injury

04.01.21|Dov Greenbaum
Too many data points and not enough oversight suggests the damage inflicted by the response to the pandemic will stick around even after the disease is eradicated