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לוחמים עם מערכת ראיית הלילה

Elbit reaches $450 million in deals in just two weeks

Since the start of the year, the defense giant has landed deals to supply advanced electro-optical systems, rockets for armed forces, as well as the operating and maintaining of simulation centers for the Israeli Air Force's F-16 fleet and the IDF's Armored Corps
לוחמים עם מערכת ראיית הלילה

Elbit Systems lands $107 million order to supply night vision systems for the U.S. Army

12.10.22|Udi Etsion
The Enhanced Night Vision Goggle – Binocular (ENVG-B) system integrates powerful night vision capabilities and head-up situational awareness
מחשוב קוונטי QM מימין איתמר סיון יונתן כהן נסים אופק

Quantum Machines to establish Israeli quantum computing center in $30 million deal

18.07.22|Meir Orbach
The Israel Innovation Authority has chosen the Israeli startup, in collaboration with Classiq, to establish the center which will allow researchers to conduct R&D on a universal quantum computer
בני גנץ שר הביטחון

Israeli defense exports reach record high of $11.3 billion in 2021

12.04.22|Udi Etsion
After a 33% leap in Israeli arms sales over the past year, the Ministry of Defense is expecting an additional rise once Europe takes up arms due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine
מערכת דירקם מבוסס לייזר

Elbit Systems seals $53 million contract with UAE to supply aircraft and self-protection systems

03.01.22|James Spiro
The DIRCM system will be under contract for five years for the UAE Air Force
תותח אלביט

Elbit awarded $106 million contract to supply automatic gun systems to Asia-Pacific country

Over the past week, the defense powerhouse has also announced a $74 million deal for airborne munitions with South Korea and a $100 million deal with the UK Royal Navy for electronic warfare
מל"ט של ALTI

Avnon Group strengthens position in drone market with $7.75 million acquisition of ALTI

29.08.21|Udi Etsion
Group company iSTAR is acquiring South Africa’s ALTI, a UAV manufacturer specializing in drones that take off and land vertically
הדמיית מערכת לייזר להגנה מפני רקטות מפא"ת

Israeli airborne laser system successfully completes first-ever interception tests

21.06.21|Udi Etsion
The High-Power Laser system was installed on an aircraft and successfully intercepted and destroyed UAVs
מערכת ראיית לילה אלביט צבא הולנד

Elbit awarded $16 million project to supply night vision goggles to UK Armed Forces

The new deal comes on the back of $166 million contract from the UK Ministry of Defence for the Royal Navy Future Naval Training Program
חליפת מודיעין אלביט מערכות

Elbit Systems awarded $80 million contract for AI-powered electrical-optical systems

02.06.21|James Spiro
The contract was awarded by a country in the Asia Pacific that has not been named
מערכת אלביט מערכות הרכשת מטרות אנגליה

Elbit Systems reports a record $11.8 billion in orders backlog

25.05.21|Udi Etsion
The defense company registered 4.4% growth in the first quarter of 2021 and with more massive deals already made, no wonder its CEO is “very pleased with our results”
מטוס לביא

Elbit seals $1.65 billion deal with Greek air force

18.04.21|Udi Etsion
The Israeli company, under contract by the Ministry of Defense, will build and operate a flight training center, provide Greece with 10 M-346 Italian aircraft, and upgrade existing aircraft
מל"ט הרמס 900

Elbit Systems scores major deal to sell Hermes 900 UAVs to East-Asian country

01.03.21|Udi Etsion
Elbit beat out Israeli rival IAI, which will reportedly have to settle for a smaller order from the Indian air force
מל"ט הרמס 900

Signs of Peace? Israeli companies to openly take part in Abu Dhabi weapons exhibition

27.01.21|Udi Etsion
As part of the agreement, companies from the Gulf's defense sector will also take part in Israeli exhibition in June
כלי שיט סיגאל 3 של אלביט מערכות

Elbit-made unmanned navy vessels coming to the Asia-Pacific arena

13.01.21|Udi Etsion
The company announced the sale of its Seagull autonomous boats to an undisclosed country
צוללת מסוג HMS Ambush Astute חוזרת לבסיס שלה בסקוטלנד

Elbit Systems secures $166 million deal with UK Royal Navy

11.01.21|Udi Etsion
The contract, that runs over a 12-year period, will see Elbit aid in the transformation and modernization of the shore-based training of the Royal Navy including the establishment of the Future Submarine School
אילון מאסק אלון מאסק מייסד מנכ"ל טסלה

Who signed a $1.68 billion deal and what's next for Tesla's Israel rollout?

Israeli AI chatbot startup Spetz.io to be acquired by U.S. company Paradox.ai for $5 million
מטוס לביא

Elbit to upgrade Greek air force training aircraft in $1.68 billion deal

05.01.21|Udi Etsion
The Israeli company, under contract by the Ministry of Defense, will provide Greece with 10 M-346 Italian aircraft, upgrade existing aircraft, and build and operate a simulator center
מערכת ראיית לילה אלביט צבא הולנד

Elbit Systems complete three deals, worth $92 million in two days

16.12.20|Udi Etsion
Two contracts with the Netherlands and an additional one with Romania, make for a productive week for the Israeli defense contractor
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Hagai Topolansky backs out of the race to be IAI’s next CEO, accuses selection committee of prejudice

15.11.20|Udi Etsion
The retired general wrote a letter explaining his decision and citing concerns about the selection process; IAI flatly denies accusations