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לשכת התעסוקה לשכת ה תעסוקה אבטלה

Number of job seekers in high-tech jumped by 20% in two months

22.01.23|Shahar Ilan
The data from the employment service seems to reflect not only the waves of layoffs in high-tech, but also the increasing difficulty to find work quickly
מרכז מיקור חוץ בנגלור עובדים זולים עובד זול

Quiet quitting in China and salary transparency in Germany: how are different countries dealing with changes in the labor market

04.01.23|Maayan Manela
Lawyers worldwide explain what labor laws apply to the popular employment phenomena of the past year
משרדי שירות התעסוקה

Trending downward: How low can the job market go?

21.12.22|Shahar Ilan
Although the employment figures published this week are still good, the negative trend cannot be ignored. High-tech, for example, is still short of software engineers, but the demand has been cut in half. Is the Israeli economy heading for a soft or hard landing?
אישה עובדת ב סייבר

High-tech job openings in Israel fall by 30% over eight months

21.11.22|Shahar Ilan
According to CBS data, the information and communication industries, associated with high-tech, experienced a drop from 8.74% of vacant jobs in February to 6.03% in October
מימין ניר צוק נטלי קרמר ליעד אגמון

Tech leaders launch initiative to train 10,000 employees from under-represented populations

22.09.22|Sophie Shulman
Palo Alto Networks, Insight Partners, and executives from across the high-tech industry are establishing a new platform for recruiting and training employees with the goal to train 10,000 workers from sectors that suffer from underrepresentation in the industry
הפזורה ה בדואית בדואים בנגב

Why are there almost no Bedouins in high-tech companies?

13.09.22|Shahar Ilan
A new study found that two major barriers to employing Bedouins are the language barrier and the tensions between Bedouins and Jews in the south. Study also reveals that 20% of Bedouin boys dropout of high school
כנס אקדמיה פאנל כמה האקדמיה שווה אילאיל אמיר כסיף, מנהלת המרכז להשכלה גבוהה-תעסוקה, מייסודה של קרן אדמונד דה רוטשילד וידאו

“More employers choose to focus on hard skills and less on academic background”

Ilil Amir-Kasif, the Director of the Center for Higher Education and Employment, founded by the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation, was speaking during Calcalist’s “Academia that Works” conference
כנס וורק טק פאנל מניהול כוח אדם ל-Chief of Heart מימין ג'יימס ספירו Claude Silver Anja Leschly and Stella Voulgaraki

“We need to develop leadership skills in order to handle remote management”

Stella Voulgaraki, Chief People Officer at Kaizen Gaming, was speaking during a panel at the WorkTech conference, discussing the evolution of the HR world together with Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia, and Anja Leschly, Chief Human Resources Officer at Conscia
צוות קונקטים

Connecteam raises $120 million for deskless workforce management platform

02.03.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company’s Series C funding comes on the back of a very successful year in which it increased its annual revenue and number of clients by 400%
ערן פייגנבאום מנכ"ל אורקל

Soft skills are crucial to Israeli tech maintaining its edge

23.02.22|Eran Feigenbaum
“In the high-tech industry and other industries as well, emotional social skills have become one of the important criteria in the recruitment process and in the corporate culture,” writes Eran Feigenbaum, Oracle Israel Country Leader
עובדים בחברת אוטודסק

The next work perk: Will Israeli high-tech move to a shortened work week?

21.02.22|Ma'ayan Manela
Sage's development center in Israel will begin a pilot where they will work Monday through Thursday, will others follow suit?
עובדים בחוץ

Freelancers salaries surge amid pandemic and digitization

13.02.22|Sophie Shulman
The Covid-19 pandemic led to a rise in demand for freelancers, and their salaries followed suit. According to research conducted by Payoneer, most freelancers are between the ages of 18-34 and are expecting the boom to continue
משרדים האניבוק עובדים הייטק גיוס

Want to attract and retain the best employees? Shine light on your Employer Value Proposition

02.02.22|Aviv Weizmann
"Without realizing their mistake, countless organizations use inefficient employer brands and aim to be "the best." Perhaps due to a lack of awareness or thought about what "best" actually means?" writes Aviv Weizmann of Natural Intelligence
דלית קריינר

A holistic solution for the Great Resignation

27.01.22|Dalit Krainer
“Money and conditions are no longer enough to keep workers for a long time. To cope with the trend, we need to adapt to the market and produce solutions that will touch on all areas of employment,” writes Dalit Krainer of Checkmarx
יעל שפריר

An international crisis hits the education system, and workplaces pay the price

20.01.22|Yael Shafrir
What is the connection between the school crisis, high-tech challenges and the problems of the labor market? What can be done about this, and how does it relate to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals?
ועידת התחזיות 2022 מימין ניר צוק מייסד Palo Alto Networks ו אריק שטילמן מנכ"ל ושותף מייסד Rapyd

Nir Zuk faces criticism after saying high-earning techies should be heavily taxed

The founder of Palo Alto suggested increasing taxes for high-earning tech employees in order to bridge the gaps in Israeli society, but CEO of Rapyd Arik Shtilman called him out, claiming taxes are one of the reasons for the sector’s workforce shortage
נעאמן עסבה ליה שרים ו נוח דולב  דוקטורים להייטק

The researchers switching academia for tech

20.12.21|Maayan Manela
Demand for high tech employees with graduate degrees is growing, and many are choosing to leave their academic careers behind and join the industry, earning high salaries, receiving stock options, and IPO bonuses