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Jigso Team

Jigso emerges from stealth with $7.5 million in Seed for its AI business assistant

29.03.23|James Spiro
Its Generative AI assistant helps cut the noise of apps, dashboards, texts, and emails, helping boost productivity for businesses
Avi Eyal Entree Capital

“Productivity per employee will probably swing back to more normal levels.”

18.12.22|Elihay Vidal, James Spiro
Avi Eyal, Founder and Managing Partner of Entrée Capital, joined CTech to share predictions in the VC space
Ctech RoadShow Panel Noa Gadot Sivan Shamri Dahan Adi Gozes  Irit Kahan Adi Horovitch Lavi

"Last year the industry had a big party - now there is a hangover and bills need to be paid"

24.11.22|Noa Gadot
Irit Kahan, Partner, Head of DTCP Israel, was speaking in a panel at the Roadshow event together with Sivan Shamri Dahan, Managing Partner at Qumra Capital, Adi Hoorvitch Lavi, VP Growth & Investments at Poalim Hi-Tech, and Adi Gozes, Partner at Entrée Capital
וידאו Ctech Mind the tech NY conference – Avi Eyal

“We are witnessing unbelievable changes in the world that will affect the next hundred years”

20.09.22|James Spiro
Avi Eyal, Founder and Managing Partner for Entrée Capital, spoke to CTech about ‘the best of times and the worst of times’ for founders
ועידת Mind the Tech ניו יורק - ג’ק גרוצינגר מייסד משותף ומנכ”ל SeatGeek אבי אייל מייסד משותף שותף מנהל Entre Capital ו גיא פרנקלין מייסד ושותף כללי Israeli Mapped in NY Venture

SeatGeek CEO: “We are going to live or die by technology”

In a fireside chat at Calclaist’s Mind the Tech 2022 Conference in New York, SeatGeek CEO Jack Groetzinger and Entrée Capital Managing Partner Avi Eyal share insights about their experiences in the tech world
Helios Team

Helios raises $5 million to increase cloud-native development velocity

29.06.22|James Spiro
The company claims to be the first developer platform built specifically for cloud-native application developments
תומר ניב

Tomer Niv joins Entrée Capital to focus on crypto and blockchain investments

Niv will lead crypto investments in Israel and work with existing portfolio companies on their Web3 strategy
Avi Eyal ועידת פינטק Ctech וידאו

“The world of open banking has become a fundamental infrastructure layer”

27.04.22|James Spiro
Avi Eyal, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Entrée Capital, shed some light on open banking and why it is fundamental to redeveloping the payment rails
מגזין כלכליסט טק מימין רננה אשכנזי יעל אלרואי נופר עמיקם עדי גוזס מנהלות קרנות הון סיכון

"Women in venture capital is still a big deal"

20.03.22|Sophie Shulman
Four female representatives of the next generation of executives in venture capital funds met for an open discussion on entrepreneurship, risks, technological trends and the bugs in Israeli high-tech
מימין עדי גוזס אנטריי קפיטל יעל אלרואי ויולה ונצ'ורס ליאור הנדלסמן קרן גרוב עדי הורוויץ'-לביא

What’s in store for the markets in 2022? VCs weigh in with some predictions

16.03.22|Yafit Ovadia
With fluctuating valuations, IPOs, acqui-hiring, and rising inflation, what can investors expect in 2022? Partners at Israeli venture capital firms weighed in with their assessments
בוריס גורן וניב שטיינגרטן מייסדי קנוניק

Canonic Security raises $6 million Seed round for SaaS application security platform

The Israeli startup automatically maps business applications' interconnectivity, uncovering harmful, vulnerable, or overprivileged apps and integrations to reduce the risks involved with third-party API access
Aviram Shmueli Yair Shahar Ben Alfi BWR

Blue White Robotics raises $37 million in Series B for autonomous farming

23.09.21|James Spiro
The company ‘retrofits’ existing infrastructure in farming operations with autonomous algorithms
מנהל שותף ב אנטרי קפיטל אביעד אייל

Entrée Capital invests around $15 million in UAE startups

29.08.21|Meir Orbach
Over the past year, the fund invested in four startups that solve problems in the fields of insurtech (Hala), fintech (Tarabut), and two additional companies that have yet to be revealed
צוות עובדי Rivery ריברי

Rivery raises $16 million series A to expand SaaS DataOps platform

The Israeli startup is the latest company to ride the shift to the cloud and plans to use the money to scale its solution, including data ingestion, orchestration, and transformation capabilities
מימין רן אחיטוב אביעד אייל ו ערן ביילסקי אנטרי קפיטל

Entrée Capital closes $125 million fund to invest in growth startups headed by Israeli founders

03.12.20|Hagar Ravet
Israel Opportunity Fund I will invest in companies raising series B and C rounds that are active in the fields of deep tech, SaaS, fintech, and digital health
מימין ערן ביילסקי אירית קאהן עינת ניצן איציק אלבז שבוע הסטארטאפים SAAS

Tech experts agree: Covid-19 created growth opportunities for those who were quick to adapt

16.09.20|Meir Orbach
Israeli tech executives took part in a panel discussion on the future of Software as a Service
מנהל שותף ב אנטרי קפיטל אביעד אייל

VC Entrée Capital Announces $100m Israel Focused Fund

14.04.20|Meir Orbach
The fund will target early-stage companies with Israeli founders across Israel, Europe, and the U.S., providing funding rounds from $500,000 to $5,000,000