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How is a managing a startup similar to waiting for a baby to be born?

What to expect when you’re expecting: The CEO edition

04.02.21|Shaul Olmert
Flying Pigs CEO Shaul Olmert compares doing a product version update to visiting the doctor to see your baby’s ultrasound
As a startup you must never stop questioning

It’s never too late to question what it is your startup actually does

06.01.21|Shaul Olmert
Shaul Olmert stresses that when it comes to young companies, the product vision is constantly subject to changes
שאול אולמרט מנכל ומייסד החזירים המעופפים

Meet Shaul Olmert’s new startup - Flying Pigs

08.09.20|Shaul Olmert
Eight years after launching Playbuzz, Shaul Olmert is embarking on a new journey, with a new startup. In a personal column, he shares his reasons for leaving and why he gave his company such a bizarre name