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צמצום אובדן מזון

Climate change threatens global food system, countries must mobilize

13.12.23|Shani Ashkenazi
Israel is among 130 countries that signed a UN declaration at the Climate Conference in Dubai to adapt their food systems to fight climate change, but is it too little too late?
מקרר גבינות צהובות ו דברי חלב ב סניף רמי לוי ב בני ברק גבינה צהובה מוצרי חלב

Evigence raises $18 million to track food freshness

The Israeli startup’s management system combines sensors and data analytics to help food brands, retailers, and foodservice to measure and manage the freshness of food in real time across the supply chain
Joseph Gitler Leket 20

“A very painful way to live life is struggling to get basic necessities.”

As a newcomer to Israel in 1999, Joseph Gitler was struck by the abundance of food, food waste, and the people struggling to get basic necessities.
ועידת כלכליסט ביוון מימין רותי רוסו ג'אורג'יאנה היליאדקי ו צביקי עשת

"Food connects people, and that's what Greek cuisine does"

07.06.22|Neta Li-Binshtock
Georgianna Hiliadaki, owner and chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Funky Gourmet, was speaking in a panel that dealt with local cuisine at the Calcalist Israel-Greece Conference in collaboration with Aroundtown and Brown Hotels
רנטה גניק

Reneta Jenik, Foodom - Creating a private chef marketplace

17.02.22|Yael Eckstein
"Our mission is to make dinnertime joyful, full of excitement . This is a $3 trillion market in the U.S. alone," says Jenik
סיבוס אווירה

Pandemic pushes techies lunch money to new highs

24.01.22|Maayan Manela
While more employees are working from home, money set aside for subsidized meals has risen by 18% over the past two years
קמפוס חדש WIX מתחם Blue ת"א

Wix brings in renowned chef to feed its staff

17.11.20|Sophie Shulman
Assaf Granit wins tender to open six restaurants and cater three meals a day for 3,000 employees at the new complex being built by the Israeli online giant
Eshchar Redefine Meat

An Israeli startup wants to 3D-print meatless steaks

02.07.20|James Spiro
Redefine Meat uses plant-based products to create lookalike steaks for high-end restaurants
בעקבות בהלת קורונה מדפים ריקים תורים ועומסים כבדים ב סופר טיב טעם רמת החייל

Coronavirus Panic Leads to 18% Jump in Israeli Food Sales—In One Week

17.03.20|Nurit Kadosh
Canned foods, rice, and pasta have seen the sharpest increases in demand as Israelis storm the shelves
טירוף ה קורונה ב סופרים סופר מרקט בית אשל באר שבע

Corona-Fueled Shopping Frenzy Spells Major Boost for Israel’s Supermarket Chains

09.03.20|Nurit Kadosh
Israelis flocking to the supermarkets led to photos of empty shelves over the weekend, but shortages are expected only for Passover-related products, according to one industry executive
פנאי מימין: שיר הלפרן ו מיכל קלימברג

The Praline Entrepreneurs: Israel's First Coworking Space for Foodmakers

03.03.20|Reut Barnea
Set to open next month in central Israel, MakeEat is a coworking space and incubator for small-scale food businesses
בשר מעבדה אלף

Foodtech: A Lot of Buzz but not a lot of Capital

13.12.19|Sophie Shulman
Companies that produce meatless meats, eggless eggs, and protein powder from fly larvae can innovate the food landscape of the future, but the venture capital industry is still somewhat hesitant to come aboard
ועידת Mind the tech TLV אייל דרור מנכ"ל שטראוס ישראל

Today's Consumers Force Us to Innovate, Says Strauss Group Exec

26.11.19|Lior Gutman
Eyal Dror, CEO of Strauss Israel, spoke Monday at Calcalist’s Mind the Tech conference in Tel Aviv
המבורגר טבעוני של המותג ביונד מיט Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat’s Burger Is Currently Beyond Reach in Israeli Restaurants

06.11.19|Meirav Crystal
Hungry vegans who rushed to their favorite burger joints in recent weeks were disappointed to find the popular dish has completely run out
אוכל המבורגר צ'יפס

Feeling Trashy: These 10 Startups Aim to Reduce Food Waste

16.10.19| Adi Pick
Israeli households throw out 880 million kilograms of wasted food annually, which equates to a month and a half of food consumption per household
מוצרי חלב ב סופר סופרמרקט

With Unclear Political Future, Israelis Face More Exorbitant Living Costs

15.10.19|Nurit Kadosh
Israeli food manufacturers are taking advantage of the country’s prolonged political limbo, hiking prices of basic food staples
Shai Allerguard שי הרשקוביץ  אלרגרד מנכ"ל

Food Allergy Detection Startup Allerguard Raises $1.5 Million

06.10.19|Adi Pick
Allerguard develops a handheld device that scans and analyzes the food vapors to determine the presence of allergens
פנאי איגרא רמא בישול תנכי

Tel Aviv Restaurant Goes Biblical

11.07.19|Reut Barnea
Popular Tel Aviv dining spot Igra Rama goes back in time, reimagining what people in the region ate thousands of years ago
מנגל בשר על האש טיפים

In Israel, There Is a Tight Bond Between Food and Politics

07.05.19|Keren Tsuriel Harari and Uri Pasovsky
Israelis celebrate Independence Day with communal barbecues and find it baffling that high ranking military personnel pursue a vegan diet

The Israeli Government's New Diet

25.02.19|Amarelle Wenkert
New dietary guidelines ban the serving of sweetened sodas, candies, and pastries in government meetings and events