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מייסדי פאגאיה מימין אביטל פרדו יהב יולזרי ו גל קרובינר - חדש

Pagaya withdrawal restrictions leave O.R.T. without access to $12.3 million investment

07.09.23|Almog Azar
O.R.T. initially asked to withdraw $4 million, but Pagaya replied that the money would be transferred to a dedicated fund, which would repay the amount in installments. When O.R.T. asked to withdraw the entire sum, Pagaya only agreed to transfer 10% of it to a designated fund
מנכ"לית קרנות פאגאיה ישראל קרן זלינגר

Pagaya's credit fund registers worst-ever monthly loss

25.06.23|Almog Azar
During a conference call with investors, the fund's representatives explained that the 4.9% negative return in May stemmed from loans issued at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022
מייסדי פאגאיה מימין אביטל פרדו יהב יולזרי ו גל קרובינר - חדש

From bad to worse: Pagaya's consumer credit fund further limits withdrawals

15.06.23|Almog Azar
The new restrictions mean that the waiting time for investors to access their redeemed funds will double, with investors now only being able to receive 10% of their requested amount each quarter
דב מורן מייסד גרוב ונצרס ממציא ה דיסק און קי

Venture Capital Firm Grove Raises $120 Million in Commitments for Second Fund

18.02.20|Meir Orbach
Grove has already made two investments from its second fund that will be announced in the upcoming months
אלן פלד מייסד ומנהל קרן וינטאג'

Israeli Investment Firm Vintage Secures $133 Million in Commitments for New Co-Investment Fund

13.11.19|Meir Orbach
Vintage intends to use the fund to invest in Israeli and European companies
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Luxembourg-Based Fund Maor Closes First Israel-Focused Fund

The fund was established to “facilitate access of European investors and in particular European Family offices to the Israeli Technology ecosystem and opportunities,” according to Maor’s statement