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Boaz Maoz ועידת Ctech ענן וידאו

Google: “Israel is a powerhouse for cloud consumption”

03.05.22|James Spiro
Boaz Maoz, Israel Country Director at Google Cloud, spoke about Israel’s Nimbus project that will help the country with its cloud services
אריאל סלפטר

Google Cloud appoints Ariel Salpeter as Enterprise Commercial lead in Israel

Salpeter joined Google Cloud after two years at Microsoft, and will oversee the group’s services in Israel after winning the Nimbus tender
 ועידת ניו יורק 2021 פיל ונבלס אבי שוע ג'וש ברנן

“We think Israel is the best place to invest in cybersecurity”

Said John Brennan, a partner at YL Ventures, during a panel on cybersecurity alongside Orca Security CEO Avi Shua and Google Cloud CISO Phil Venables
כנס טק תל אביב Boaz Maoz סיטק

Google Cloud affirms its commitment to privacy and security at Tech TLV

04.11.21|James Spiro
Google Cloud’s Country Manager Boaz Maoz spoke to James Spiro about some of the ways the tech giant keeps customers safe from attacks
TECHTLV פאנל טרנספורמציה דיגיטלית  מימין אפי דהן בועז מעוז אבישי שרלין

“Israel is lagging in modernizing network infrastructure,” says Amdocs senior executive

02.11.21|Orna Yefet
Avishai Sharlin spoke during Calcalist’s Tech TLV conference, noting that “people want to connect everything and this requires network availability, but investments in the local industry are lacking”
Lior Div Cybereason

Cybereason teams up with Google Cloud for cloud-native XDR solution

The collaboration will help automate prevention for common attacks, guide analysts through security operations and incident response, and enable threat hunting with precision
אמיר אהרוני אלסטיפייל

Google Buys Israeli Cloud Storage Company Elastifile

09.07.19|Meir Orbach
A source said Google has agreed to pay approximately $200 million
default image

Google to Acquire Israeli Cloud Migration Startup Velostrata

10.05.18|Lilach Baumer
Velostrata’s software enables companies to move data from onsite computers to the cloud