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Behind C-Dome: The Israeli navy's state of the art missile defense system

09.04.24|Yoav Zitun and CTech
The C-Dome system, a naval adaptation of the Iron Dome air defense system, is designed to protect seafaring vessels and infrastructure, including offshore gas platforms, against rocket and missile assaults
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Half of Eilat Port employees face layoffs amid Red Sea shipping crisis

20.03.24|Dotan Levy and Reuters
The port management informed employees of its intention to fire about 60 of the 120-person workforce , after Houthi attacks led to a drop in the scope of the port's activity and income
החות'ים במפגן צבאי ליד צנעא

Could the Houthis potentially disrupt global internet communications?

05.02.24|Doron Peskin
According to a report published by the Washington-based Gulf International Forum, the next target for the Houthis' attacks may be underwater communication cables, which are located in the Red Sea near Yemen. Damage to them could significantly impact the global economy
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How Houthi attacks are shaping the new economic landscape

30.01.24|Doron Peskin
Should the attacks by the Houthis persist, the crisis may increase inflation and delay interest rate cuts. Even if the disruptions in the supply chains do not reach the level experienced during the pandemic they could damage stability
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Shipping activity in Israel dropped dramatically amid Houthi attacks

22.01.24|Yuval Azulay
The unloading activity moved to Haifa after the Houthi crisis in the Red Sea affected the port of Eilat, alongside the halt of activity in the port of Ashdod due to rockets from Gaza. There is also a sharp drop in transshipment activity in Israel's ports
מימין: שר החוץ אנתוני בלינקן והיועץ לביטחון ג'ייק סאליבן.

Davos summit addresses Gaza conflict, oil price concerns, and shipping disruptions

Jake Sullivan, White House National Security Advisor, urged calm among summit attendees, asserting that the U.S.-backed war is not expected to escalate into a global crisis
ספינת מסע של חברת הספנות  ה סינית קוסקו Cosco

COSCO decision not to dock in Israel raises fears of domino effect in shipping industry

08.01.24|Yuval Azulay
The decision of the Chinese shipping giant to suspend its operations in Israel may lead other companies to take a similar step. The shipping industry is divided on whether COSCO’s move is due to the Chinese embrace of Hamas or is a cold business consideration
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Are the global underwater communication cables the next target of Houthi terrorism?

26.12.23|Elihay Vidal
The Yemeni terrorist militia has yet to directly threaten attacks against the internet infrastructures connecting the East and the West, but there are concerns that they could attempt to damage the international communication cables laid on the seabed of the Bab al Mandab Strait
ספינה של צים בנמל הסמוך ל שנגחאי  סין

Cost of shipping containers from China to Mediterranean up 44% amid Red Sea Houthi attacks

The attacks have put a chokehold on ship passages through the Suez Canal, which handles about 12% of worldwide trade
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Eilat Port activity plummets 85% as Houthi attacks escalate in the Red Sea

Eilat, which primarily handles car imports and potash exports coming from the Dead Sea, pales in size compared to Israel's Mediterranean ports in Haifa and Ashdod but offers Israel a gateway to the East without the need to navigate the Suez Canal
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Shipping traffic in Red Sea down over 30% amid Houthi attacks

20.12.23|Lital Samet
Ship tracking company MariTrace reported that 210 ships have traveled through the Red Sea in December compared to about 330 last month. The US has moved warships to the area and is leading an international naval force to secure the route
מיכלית נפט של בריטיש פטרוליום BP

Threatening the oil market was one step too far for the Houthis

19.12.23|Doron Peskin
If oil prices rise beyond expectations, China and India, Iran's allies, may intervene to stop the Houthis
אוניית משא תעלת סואץ מצרים

The $9.4 billion dilemma: Egypt will need to act against Houthis to protect Suez Canal

18.12.23|Doron Peskin
The announcement by the world's four largest shipping companies about suspending sailing through the Suez Canal due to the increasing Houthi attacks is not only a severe blow to global trade but, more importantly, to Egypt's national security
Efrat Shuster

How Houthi attacks are impacting international trade deals

18.12.23|Efrat Shuster
Rising insurance costs, complexities in contractual agreements, and the need for global cooperation underscore the urgent demand for diplomatic solutions in the Red Sea to ensure the uninterrupted flow of goods and safeguard the stability of the global economy
לוחם חות'י חות'ים תימן עם דגל פלסטין

Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia remain mum despite rising cost of Houthi attacks

14.12.23|Doron Peskin
Israel's neighbors are already suffering economic losses due to the decrease in activity in the Red Sea