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Guy Galon

The growing importance of Customer Success as a company mindset

17.07.22|Guy Galon
“The experience a company offers is de-facto a differentiator that relies on the alignment of different units within the company to plan, execute and evaluate their performance in making customers successful,” writes Guy Galon
Guy Galon

Why is customer success so important for post-Covid business?

18.04.22|Guy Galon
“The customer success role begins when sales prospects become customers. When the sales team looks at new customer acquisition via conversion, the customer-success team is ready to handhold and support them,” writes Guy Galon of Hysolate
Perception Point סייבר מימין מיכאל אמינוב יורם זלינגר שלומי לוין

Perception Point acquires fellow Israeli cybersecurity startup Hysolate in underwhelming deal

30.03.22|Meir Orbach
The deal isn’t a sign of success for Hysolate, which at its peak had double its current number of employees and is now being sold for less than the $33 million it has raised to date
מימין TAL ZACKON גלעד טלמון מרק גפן ו עירד אייכלר

Combat vs. Tech: Does your IDF service determine your future?

22.12.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
While many Unit 8200 recruits set themselves up for lucrative jobs, high tech leaders that served as IDF fighters say they would not change a thing
Marc Gaffan Hysolate 20

“Building a company is a marathon. You need the right people around you.”

Data that is valuable to companies is also highly valued by cyber criminals, shares Marc Gaffan, CEO of Hysolate
מימין סיוון דהן ליטל גרוסמן רעות מאירסון Hysolate

Cybersecurity startup Hysolate boosts managerial team with three new hires

The Israeli company has named Reut Meirson as VP HR, Lital Grossman as VP Marketing and Sivan Dayan as Director of Finance
מרק גפן

With hybrid work on the rise, many managers demand more security yet flexibility

Hysolate study reveals paradox in IT, security attitudes when enabling secure remote work access
Karine Regev Hysolate

For Hysolate, it’s crucial to think ‘out-of-the-box’ during Covid-19

Even though virtual desktops are all the rage right now, isolated ‘workspace-as-a-service’ company Hysolate still had to overcome barriers in their workforce
טל זמיר ו מארק גפן הייסולייט Hysolate

Israeli cyber startup Hysolate raises $10 million for development of remote work security solution

17.09.20|Meir Orbach
The company announced a new product that will allow organizations to create complete separation between the office workspace and the private workspace to ensure safer and more productive work from home
דן דינר טל זמיר הייסולייט Hysolate

Cybersecurity Startup Hysolate Raises $18 Million

03.10.18|Meir Orbach
Hysolate’s technology protects computer networks against cyber attacks by separating the operating systems for regular internet use and for sensitive operations
דן דינר טל זמיר הייסולייט Hysolate

To Protect Personal Computers, Cybersecurity Startup Gets Under the Operating System

25.01.18|Hagar Ravet
On Thursday, Tel Aviv-based Hysolate announced it raised $8 million in funding