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Michal Jacob

FertiliFit: Leveraging AI to provide personalized IVF treatment

10.07.23|Ariela Karmel
Michal Jacob is using her background as a data scientist to create the IVF solution that she wished had existed for her
תינוקות ב מבחן חיתולים

A Gattaca replica? From science fiction to IVF reality

02.11.22|Dov Greenbaum
With the 25th anniversary of the sci-fi thriller focusing on genetic ethics, it's time to examine the lack of regulatory oversight in the field, including the recent Israeli case of an IVF baby's unknown birthparents
AiVF Daniel Seidman Daniella Gilboa Dan Ariely

Study: Genetic characteristics in embryos can be identified by non-invasive AI analysis

28.06.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
Israeli startup AiVF claims its technology “can automatically and reliably determine an embryo's ploidy status i.e, whether it is genetically suitable”
AiVF Daniel Seidman Daniella Gilboa Dan Ariely

AiVF receives European CE Mark for its AI-based IVF treatments

28.04.21|James Spiro
The platform is now seeking approval in the U.S. where IVF treatment can cost as much as $20,000
דניאלה גלבוע

Israeli researchers devise non-invasive genetic testing screens to ensure healthy fetuses

07.02.21|Yafit Ovadia
“Our deep understanding of AI has allowed us to make a really great breakthrough in this field,” says AIVF CEO Daniella Gilboa
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Is CRISPR the New In Vitro Fertilization?

30.12.18|Dov Greenbaum
New technologies always carry the risk of giving birth to a Dr. Frankenstein, but usually even those initially tested outside of the medical ethical consensus become widely-accepted and self-policed, writes researcher Dov Greenbaum