Israel-Palestinian Conflict

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מטוס אדיר F35

F-35s, Iron Dome: IDF's wishlist reveals US arms procurement plans

13.02.24|Yuval Azulay
The US aid package that is awaiting approval is supposed to fund new squadrons of fighter jets and helicopters. In the meantime, with the help of the regular annual aid from the US, the Air Force will expand in the coming months
Shirley Coifman

Recession of values: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a business prism

17.12.23|Shirly Coifman
According to Shirly Coifman, following the war against Hamas in Gaza, there is an amazing opportunity to rebuild Israel's economy of values for peace.
איל וולדמן מנכ"ל ומייסד מלאנוקס

West Bank solution depends on dialogue, not unilateral annexation, says Mellanox’s Waldman

“In these days of the pandemic, we have a lot more important things to deal with than annexation”
מימין דב מורן מיה ליקוורניק מולי אדן רים יונס פאנל מחיר הסיפוח

Tech leaders say West Bank annexation would be catastrophic for Israel

A panel of tech executives warns of the likely harm to befall their industry and the entire economy in the event of Israel deciding to take over parts of the West Bank