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ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו הפגנה נגד ההפיכה המשטרית בקפלן

Netanyahu is dragging Israel to a civil war

12.07.23|Moshe Gorali
The greater war we are facing is not about reasonableness but about the democratic-liberal structure that forms the essence of our state
צומת הסירה יום השיבוש 11.7.2023

Day of Disruption: Nationwide protests in Israel against judicial overhaul

Demonstrators gather at key locations, including airports worldwide, to voice concerns over government's move to limit Supreme Court power
מהפכה משפטית מחאת ההייטק הפגנה הייטק

“We have come to realize our national and social responsibility to stand as a protective wall for democracy”

10.07.23|Meir Orbach and Sophie Shulman
High-tech executives are urging an escalation in protests against the judicial overhaul as the coalition prepares to approve the abolishing of the reasonableness standard in court rulings, with a vote on the first hearing scheduled for Monday
שלמה קרמר מנכ"ל קייטו

Shlomo Kramer warns against Israel becoming "full blown corrupt dictatorship", calls on employees to demonstrate

06.07.23|Sophie Shulman
“I view the legislation attempt as a move that is detrimental to our business success as a company,” the Cato Networks CEO wrote in an email to the company’s employees on Thursday
שלמה דוברת שלמה דברת קרן ויולה

Shlomo Dovrat: “We estimate a 90% decrease in tech investments in Israel in the next quarter”

14.06.23|Shlomo Teitelbaum
The co-founder of Viola Ventures and one of Israel’s most prominent VC’s said the government’s judicial reform “poses an existential risk to the high-tech industry”
כנס דנסטק 50 עמי אפלבאום יו"ר רשות ל חדשנות

Israel Innovation Authority's budget to be cut by NIS 100 million

21.05.23|Sophie Shulman
The budget of the Authority, which assists startups, will now be around $383 million. This comes at a time when the need to help startups has only increased due to the uncertainty following the current crisis and the drop in investments by foreign and local VCs
הפגנה מחאה רפורמה משפטית מפגינים ברחוב קפלן תל אביב

Israeli leaders rebuff Moody's outlook cut, protests persist

Moody's report issued on Friday marks the latest warning about a potential economic backlash to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's legislative push
מחאת ההייטקיסטים מחאת ה הייטק חיפה

Survey: Israeli tech executives report severe damage to investor confidence due to judicial overhaul

A survey conducted by Start-Up Nation Central revealed that almost 80% of company executives reported canceling meetings with investors and 30% reported a complete halt to meetings with investors due to the judicial overhaul
הפגנה נגד ההפיכה המשטרית ב תל אביב

The disillusionment is long and partial. But it has started

10.04.23|Yoel Esteron
As expected, disillusionment hurts. Israel is beginning to understand, perhaps for the first time, that even the ministers of the extreme right, who believe in forceful solutions, cannot work miracles
הפגנה מפגינים קפלן תל אביב 27.3.23

Israel government to delay disputed judiciary bill amid mass protests

It is unclear how far the bill's delay to next month's new parliamentary session, after mass protests and growing labor strikes, will satisfy either side or cool the crisis
מפגינים באיילון אחרי פיטורי גלנט הפיכה משטרית

Historic strike: Israeli tech sector joins general strike as judicial reform plan sparks government chaos

The striking companies include publicly-traded firms like Wix, Lemonade, and Fiverr, as well as the likes of Dazz, Natural Intelligence, Skai, and VC firms such as Pitango and Team8
מפגינים באיילון אחרי פיטורי גלנט הפיכה משטרית

Netanyahu sacks defence minister, sparking mass protests

Tens of thousands of protesters, many waving blue and white Israeli flags, took to the streets late at night across the country. Crowds gathered outside Netanyahu's home in Jerusalem, at one point breaching a security cordon
ועידת לונדון 2023 זאני מינטון בדוז עורכת ראשית Economist

The Economist editor-in-chief: "When the rule of law is threatened internally that has economic consequences"

Zanny Minton Beddoes was speaking at the Mind the Tech conference in London
ועידת לונדון 2023 יואל אסתרון וידאו

"Israel will survive this autoimmune attack on its democracy"

21.03.23|Yoel Esteron
"Israeli Tech will prosper. Please help us get through these difficult days. Don't give up on us. We shall overcome," Calcalist Publisher Yoel Esteron told the attendees at the Mind the Tech London conference