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אסף רפפורט

Cybersecurity unicorn Wiz to withdraw funds from Israel

06.02.23|Meir Orbach
Wiz co-founders, including CEO Assaf Rappaport and VP Product Yinon Costica, are among the leaders of the protests organized by the high-tech sector against the judicial coup being pushed by the Netanyahu government
Tobias Judin Norwegian Data Protection Authority

EU would view Israel “in the same category as China” if judicial reforms go through

02.02.23|James Spiro
The impending judicial reforms and change in legal frameworks might cause the EU Commission to reconsider whether Israel has ‘adequate’ laws in place to protect the personal data of citizens
מפגינים ב תל אביב הפגנה מחאה 21 בינואר

"We are sorry the high-tech industry has only just woken up, but we have arrived, and we will do whatever it takes"

29.01.23|Sophie Shulman
The high-tech industry has an image of being disconnected, but the impending judicial reforms have resulted in the sector mobilizing like never before
הפגנה עובדי הייטק ינואר 2023

Index Ventures: "We denounce the proposed reforms in Israel that foster discrimination and threaten democracy"

26.01.23|Meir Orbach and CTech
The post by Partner Shardul Shah came after Insight Partners, considered to be the largest investor in Israeli high-tech over recent years, released a public statement as protests against the new government’s judicial reforms gather steam
טל ברנח טל ברנוח DISRUPTIVE AI הייטק קרן הון סיכון

VC firm Disruptive, with $250 million under management, to transfer all money out of Israel

26.01.23|Sophie Shulman
“Assuming the reform, which is a judicial coup, will happen, this will create economic instability in Israel,” said Disruptive co-founder Tal Barnoach
עינת גז מנכ"לית פאפאיה גלובל פאפיה גלובל בהפגנה ברחוב קפלן נגד ההפיכה המשפטית ב21 בינואר

Papaya Global CEO: “We will withdraw all of the company's funds from Israel due to the emerging judicial reform”

26.01.23|Sophie Shulman
Eynat Guez tweeted the decision, explaining that “following Prime Minister Netanyahu's statements that he is determined to pass reforms that will harm democracy and the economy…there is no certainty that we can conduct international economic activity from Israel”
הפגנה מחאה מפגינים בתל אביב נגד ההפיכה השלטונית 21 בינואר

Israeli startups to stage one-hour work stoppage to protest judicial reform

23.01.23|Meir Orbach
Redis, Natural Intelligence, HoneyBook and Forter are among the companies that have announced they will join a warning strike on Tuesday in protest of the legal reform
שותפים בקרן TLV Partners מימין שחר צפריר עדי יראל טולדנו איתן בק ורונה שגב

TLV Partners: “If Israel’s democracy is harmed, the hi-tech industry will wither or flee abroad”

17.01.23|Meir Orbach, Sophie Shulman
“We say these things with a heavy heart and great pain, and we hold hope that the destructive actions will be stopped before it's too late,” wrote partners Rona Segev, Shahar Tzafrir, Adi Yarel Toledano and Eitan Bek
שרית פירון טים8 Team8

Sarit Firon: "Our democracy, freedom, and the determined protection of individual freedoms are what make Israeli innovation possible"

16.01.23|Sarit Firon
ארז בלשה

Erez Balasha: "It is clear that the essence of the legal reform is to give more power to politicians and interest group"

16.01.23|Erez Balsha
גילי רענן קרן Cyberstarts

Gili Raanan: "Israel is a step away from becoming an anti-liberal state"

16.01.23|Gili Raanan
מוסף שבועי 27.1.22 מיכאל שאולוב מייסד ומנכ"ל פיירבלוקס

Michael Shaulov: "Investors are aware that legislation is being introduced that discriminates against certain populations"

16.01.23|Michael Shaulov
פרויקט הסטארטאפים 2019 AppsFlyer אורן קניאל

Oren Kaniel: "When there is infinite power, there is corruption"

16.01.23|Oren Kaniel
רון עצמון מנכ"ל אוטנטיקס

Ron Atzmon: "Foreigners ask me, 'What the hell is going on with your government?', and I have no answer"

16.01.23|Ron Atzmon
אהרון מנקובסקי שותף מנהל ב Pitango Growth פיטנגו

Aaron Mankovski: "The whole world never cared who was in government, only that there is a stable political system here that does not affect high-tech"

16.01.23|Aaron Mankovski
עמית בן דב מנכל גונג

Amit Bendov: "When two wolves and a sheep decide what they are eating for lunch, that is not democracy"

16.01.23|Amit Bendov
אייל ולדמן איל ולדמן

Eyal Waldman: “I am already hearing from foreign investors that they prefer to go to places where the legal system has not been harmed"

16.01.23|Eyal Waldman
כנס רודשואו - יודפת הראל־בוכריס שותפה מנהלת, Blumberg Capital

Yodfat Harel Buchris: "The legal reform and the 61-MK override proposal mean Israel will no longer meet ESG rules"

16.01.23|Yodfat Harel Buchris