5 stories about J-Ventures
Oded J-Ventures

“We have a generation of founders and VCs who are facing a hard time for the first time”

11.01.23|Elihay Vidal, James Spiro
J-Ventures Group has joined CTech for its 2022 VC Survey series to share predictions for 2023.
J Ventures Conference

J-Ventures Investor Conference kicks off second year with an emphasis on Impacttech

08.12.21|James Spiro
The conference, now in its second year, invites guests and LPs to discuss how to make a better world through powerful investments
Ronald Cohen Laura Lauder

The three forces driving the Impacttech revolution

07.12.21|James Spiro
Impacttech is everywhere - and Sir Ronald Cohen and Laura Lauder have some ideas on the main factors that are causing its latest boom
Participant in J-Vanture's panel on investing in Uniorns

How to create a stable of unicorns: J-Ventures panel debates investments in the biggest tech companies

Michael Rolnick, Merav Weinryb, Jake Sein, and Brett Rokhind discuss their investment strategies at J-Ventures’ annual Investors Conference
Aya Jakobovitz

Covid-19 was one of the biomed industry’s finest hours, says Israeli Silicon Valley veteran

15.12.20|Ron Friedman
Aya Jakobovits, a trailblazer in the biomed sector who is participating in J-Ventures’ annual investor’s conference, speaks of how the coronavirus vaccines showcased the depth of new technology