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Nadav Dadon Didi Dvash Verto.AI

Israel’s Verto aims to save SMBs with online 3D product mapping

27.01.21|James Spiro
With smaller shops struggling to keep up with retail giants online, Verto’s technology allows smaller players to take 3D images of e-commerce products - all with a simple smartphone
מוסף שבועי 28.11.19 משוגעים לדבר   מייצרת ארונות קודש  זהבה בנימין

From Art to Ark: This Jerusalem Jeweler Treats Torah Arks Like Giant Jewels

29.11.19|Yoghev Karmel
Zehava Binyamin started making jewelry and small ornamental Judaica items as a side income. Now, she makes arks, scrolls, and pedestals for synagogues around the world