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מומחית AI

What is an AI expert and how do you become one?

09.06.24|Maayan Manela
AI experts are becoming the most sought-after professionals in the job market. Their unique skills and knowledge are essential as AI technologies rapidly transform industries.
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Higher salaries, a billion-dollar acquisition, and a Eureka moment?

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משרדי חברת mavens בימים הראשונים גיל רונן השמאלי בתמונה

From intern to VP: the long yet rewarding route of growing with a startup

07.05.24|Maayan Manela
At first they did everything including washing dishes, organizing parties and ordering office equipment for new employees, but the first employees in a startup who choose to grow with it may reach senior positions and enjoy significant success
עובדי הייטק משרד אופן ספייס עבודה

High-tech wages surge over 12% since the start of 2024

05.05.24|Shahar Ilan
The average salary in high-tech in Israel was over $9,000 in March, an increase of 12.7% compared to January
שכר אופציות הייטק סטארטאפ גיוס הון

Are tech salaries facing a correction after relentless rise?

04.04.24|Shahar Ilan
While the average high-tech salary in Israel has dropped by 6.2% since December, this may simply be a correction after months of increases, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics
נהג של אוטובוס בית ספר אוטונומי AI

AI is set to replace 10% of employees, but what happens to the rest?

01.04.24|Maayan Manela
The introduction of artificial intelligence is already changing the labor market, the nature of jobs and the demands on employees. How do you prepare for the changing future and what skills should you cultivate or learn in order to remain relevant
בזק משיקה את מטרו PRO חבילת תמסורת מתקדמת לעסקים

Tech employment rate plummeted last year, and is getting worse in 2024

30.01.24|Shahar Ilan
2023 was a year of extreme ups and downs in employment that ended with the number of high-tech employees close to the average of 2022. Between October and December the number of employees in the industry decreased by 15,000, due to the decrease in investments and the war
חברת נובה עובדים ב הייטק משרדי חברת נובה

Number of high-tech employees drops 10% in 8 months

29.01.24|Shahar Ilan
According to data published by the CBS, the number of high-tech workers in Israel decreased since April of last year to a total figure of 427,000 in December, similar to the average in 2022
עובדים משרד מחשבים אופן ספייס

15 tech jobs in 2023: Winners, losers, salaries and employment trends

05.09.23|Ariela Karmel
An analysis of salary shifts and job availability across 15 tech positions
עובדי הייטק משרד אופן ספייס עבודה

Junior high-tech roles: 84% drop in front-end openings; salaries fall across the board

31.08.23|Ariela Karmel
Data by Israeli recruitment firm Ethosia on junior roles in tech shows that the number of open positions and salaries have decreased, while the job search length has risen dramatically
רובוט עבודה Robot Jobs

Shifting tech job landscape: Surge in senior and AI-related roles

29.08.23|Ariela Karmel
From a hiring frenzy to scarcity, Israel's tech sector navigates economic challenges and political changes, while AI-related roles are rising
בינה מלאכותית AI רובוט רזומה עבודה קורות חיים

AI denial: Half of tech workers think the AI revolution will have little to no effect on their companies

23.08.23|Maayan Manela
Surprisingly, the employees who are at the forefront of technology and know how generative artificial intelligence works believe that it will not have an impact on the strategy of the organization they work for
משרד ריק הייטק עובדים נעלמים גוסטינג

Demand for software developers drops by 60% in 15 months

18.06.23|Shlomo Teitelbaum
As of May, the number of job vacancies for engineers in the high-tech sector in Israel stood at approximately 9,400 positions, including around 5,500 for software developers
לשכת התעסוקה לשכת ה תעסוקה אבטלה

Number of job seekers in high-tech jumped by 20% in two months

22.01.23|Shahar Ilan
The data from the employment service seems to reflect not only the waves of layoffs in high-tech, but also the increasing difficulty to find work quickly
משרדי שירות התעסוקה

Trending downward: How low can the job market go?

21.12.22|Shahar Ilan
Although the employment figures published this week are still good, the negative trend cannot be ignored. High-tech, for example, is still short of software engineers, but the demand has been cut in half. Is the Israeli economy heading for a soft or hard landing?