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משרדי שירות התעסוקה

Trending downward: How low can the job market go?

21.12.22|Shahar Ilan
Although the employment figures published this week are still good, the negative trend cannot be ignored. High-tech, for example, is still short of software engineers, but the demand has been cut in half. Is the Israeli economy heading for a soft or hard landing?
אישה עובדת ב סייבר

High-tech job openings in Israel fall by 30% over eight months

21.11.22|Shahar Ilan
According to CBS data, the information and communication industries, associated with high-tech, experienced a drop from 8.74% of vacant jobs in February to 6.03% in October
הייטק עובדים

From DevOps to front-end - a guide to high-tech’s most wanted jobs

03.10.22|Roy Baharir Perl
Ever wondered what a Big Data architect does all day? How about an information assurance analyst? CTech is here to help with a glossary of some of the most sought-after professions in tech
Rapyd Class

Students are enrolling at ‘Rapyd Academy’ to help enter the job market

04.12.21|James Spiro
To help get the best talent, companies like Rapyd have established their own academies to internally train young graduates
ראיון עבודה 2

Looking for a job in high-tech? Better have experience

01.12.21|Shahar Ilan
A study shows that despite the cry over staff shortage, only 10% of positions are for employees with no experience
ללי דוד שותפה ב-OurCrowd

Survey: Post-pandemic tech hiring slowdown expected in 2022

Some 65% of startups on the portfolio of Israeli venture firm OurCrowd said they had hired more aggressively in this past quarter, and the same proportion noted they will scale back hiring to key positions in 2022
מנכ ל קריירה קידום ניהול השמה פירמידה

R&D chef, culture builder, game enabler: Tech jobs you did not know exist

28.11.21|Mayan Manela
These are just a few of the new titles and roles emerging in the Israeli ecosystem, changing it from within
מימין אירית קאהן אסף ורהפט דינה פסקא רז ו עופר בנגל

Can Israel’s tech ecosystem overcome its workforce crisis?

22.09.21|Elihay Vidal
Industry leaders discussed the challenge at Calcalist's “Emergency Meeting - Israeli High-Tech 2022” online event, with solutions spanning from importing manpower to employee welfare
דרור בין מנכ"ל רשות החדשנות

“​​Israeli government should allow tech companies to work 24/7”

12.09.21|Meir Orbach
Dror Bin, the Chief Executive Officer of the Israel Innovation Authority, promises not to allow politics in his office and calls for new policies for the local industry to thrive
students of adva

Could Ultra-Orthodox women be the solution Israeli tech is looking for?

08.09.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
Battling the human capital scarcity, the Adva program trains Ultra-Orthodox women as developers and helps them enter the local ecosystem
אישה עובדת ב סייבר

Is QA the most sought-after job in tech?

22.08.21|Maayan Manela
Software quality assurance staff (QA) have a key role in the product development process and positions offer a good starting salary, sometimes, with no experience needed
Yehuda Zisapel  Alon Ben-Zur

Rafael and RAD Bynet prepare to train Israel’s periphery in AI skills

18.08.21|James Spiro
The one-year program for recent veterans of the IDF is designed to boost the country’s northern region and shrink the talent shortage founders

Talent management platform raises another $7 million

15.08.21|James Spiro
The Israeli startup took its total funding to $20 million at a time when the threat of automation and the global pandemic has had a seismic impact on workers both old and new
Dan Fishel OurCrowd

Will you have a job in five years?

20.06.21|Dan Fishel
"The spike in automation following the pandemic – and the impact it will have on the world’s workforce – will likely shadow all previous recessions combined," writes Dan Fishel, Partner at OurCrowd
Fundbox Team

Fundbox and Indeed partner to extend growth resources to small businesses

“Our new partnership with Indeed points to our next phase of growth as small businesses rebound in 2021,” said Prashant Fuloria, CEO of Fundbox
Tech Job Interview

Good news for job-seekers: the market has shifted in their favor

23.05.21|James Spiro
According to The OurCrowd High-Tech Jobs Index, Israel’s bounceback from Covid-19 has shifted to favor the job seekers, not the employers
מתכנת תכנות מחשב AI מהנדס מחשבים הייטק

Israel’s tech industry suffers from a chronic employee shortage, report warns

22.04.21|Meir Orbach
Companies are on hiring sprees, but the chronic shortage of skilled high-tech personnel remains
מוקד שליטה סייבר רכבת ישראל

Cybersecurity: What are the hottest jobs and who are the highest earners?

01.04.21|Sophie Shulman
With the demand far outweighing the supply and new professions being created on a regular basis, the cyber job market is at an all-time high
אלעד קושניר Ellad Kushnir Matarasso VidMob

VidMob set to hire dozens of Israelis following new $50 million funding round

24.02.21|James Spiro
The global company will further establish its presence in Israel as it hires for its creative and content teams
Jonny Stark Secret TLV

Why did Facebook (again) suspend the popular Israeli group Secret Tel Aviv?

08.02.21|James Spiro
The group, which had more than 320,000 members, had a prominent job board helping people find jobs during Covid-19