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OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved

OurCrowd CEO: We will continue to support Airobotics

19.08.21|Golan Hazani
Despite the autonomous drone manufacturer’s failure to raise $6 million and go public, Jon Medved said "we are undeterred and continue to support the companies we believe in"
כנס Fintech 2017 ג'ון מדבד

"The Israeli tech ecosystem has become a well-oiled machine"

Jon Medved, founder and CEO of Jerusalem-based investment platform OurCrowd, noted that partnering with the Gulf countries "is allowing Israel to penetrate markets we've never dreamed of in Southeast Asia and around the broader Islamic world"
Jon Medved interviewed by Natasha D’Souza at the SALT conference in Abu Dhabi in Dec. 2019

“We will see dozens of interactions over the next few months that will grow into hundreds next year,” Jon Medved says of UAE ties

16.08.20|Elihay Vidal
Don’t be pushy, give Israel-UAE relationship time to develop, OurCrowd CEO cautions Israeli companies eager to do business in the Gulf
מנכל OurCrowd ג'ון מדבד בכנס Global Investor Summit בירושלים 2018

OurCrowd Will Keep Business as Usual as Long as We Are Allowed, Says CEO

16.03.20|Elham Nasser Eddin
Serial entrepreneur Jon Medved spoke to CTech about investing at a time of economic crisis
Cetch Medved

CTalk: Artificial Intelligence Is Not Overhyped, Says OurCrowd CEO

Jon Medved, CEO of Jerusalem-based equity crowdfunding company OurCrowd, spoke to CTech reporter Adi Pick at the OurCrowd Summit in Jerusalem
מנכל OurCrowd ג'ון מדבד בכנס Global Investor Summit בירושלים 2018

OurCrowd Will Re-Focus on Early-Stage Investments, Says CEO Jon Medved

06.02.20|Elihay Vidal
OurCrowd will host its sixth annual global investor summit next week on February 13, in Jerusalem
שיקגו קאבס זוכים אליפות בייסבול 2016

Jerusalem’s OurCrowd to Collaborate With Berlin-Based Accelerator leAD on New Sports Tech Fund

01.02.18|Tofi Stoler
Dubbed ADvantage, the fund will invest in 15 early-stage startups in the domains of sports, fan engagement services, online athletic communities, eSports and fantasy sports
כנס Fintech 2017 ג'ון מדבד

Jerusalem Startup Incubator Plans to Invest in 100 Startups

30.01.18|Meir Orbach
The incubator, operated by Jerusalem-based equity crowdfunding firm Ourcrowd, Motorola and Reliance Industries, will focus on startups developing AI technologies and automotive tech
כנס Fintech 2017 ג'ון מדבד

OurCrowd Appoints Roland Wee to Asia Managing Director

14.11.17|Amarelle Wenkert
The Jerusalem-based crowdfunding firm OurCrowd is preparing to expand its Asian operations
גונזלו מרטינז קארדומן קפיטל Gonzalo Martinez de Azagra Cardumen Capital

Top Samsung Executive Forms Spanish-Israeli Venture Firm

03.10.17|Amarelle Wenkert
Gonzalo Martinez de Azagra will lead the first Spain-based venture fund to focus on Israeli startups