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Amphy Team

Amphy’s live online classes will stop you closing the laptop

13.09.21|James Spiro
When there’s a teacher on the other side, you’ll feel guilty about quitting your yoga session
מסעדה סגורה בארץ בגלל משבר הקורונה קורונה

Israeli restaurants aim for March 9 reopening as vaccination campaign surpasses 40%

"We want to open gradually, carefully so we don't have another breakout of another wave, and another lockdown," says Covid-19 czar
הלוויית הרב יצחק שיינר בירושלים חרדים

Israel extends lockdown despite succesfull vaccination drive

Ban on international flights to remain in place until Sunday; ministers vote to double fines for violators amid political standoff
זריקה חיסון קורונה אחות בית חולים איכילוב

Israel adds pregnant women to list of priority Covid-19 vaccine recipients

20.01.21|Reuters and CTech
Government extends lockdown by 10 days amid surge in infections despite world leading vaccination effort
Yoav Sharon Joytunes

For JoyTunes, if music be the food of lockdowns, play on

17.01.21|James Spiro
When entire households were sent into lockdown due to Covid-19, JoyTunes saw an explosion in downloads for their music learning apps for the whole family
בנימין נתניהו 1.12.20

Israelis will go into 2021 under a third national lockdown due to Covid-19

The lockdown is said to last two weeks with restrictions including the closure of shops and limited public transport
ראש השנה מחסום משטרתי סגר

Israeli government orders full two-week lockdown amid escalating Covid-19 outbreak

Only essential factories and services will be able to continue operating during the closure. Outdoor prayer services and protests, two hot-button issues dominating the country these days, will be limited to groups of up to 20 people and can be held within only 1 kilometer from home
שנה טובה ראש השנה תפוח ודבש

The algorithm behind the Jewish High Holidays is more transparent than Israel’s Covid-19 fighting tech

18.09.20|Dov Greenbaum
While the heavenly judgment in Jewish faith can be appealed through charity, prayer, and repentance, the process of appealing an order to go into quarantine from Israel’s Shin Bet is far less friendly
סניף ביטוח לאומי 2018

Unemployment will rise due to planned holiday lockdown, Israeli government entities warn

13.09.20|Shahar Ilan
As the number of active cases of Covid-19 in Israel continues to rise, the government plans to vote on further limitations for the Jewish High Holidays that would see many businesses forced to shut down, again
קורונה שוק הכרמל תל אביב

Coronavirus Lockdown in Israel Was Unnecessary, Say Three Hebrew U Professors

26.04.20|Adrian Filut and CTech
The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Israel now stands at 15,398 but recoveries have exceeded new diagnoses for the 10th day in a row
חיטוי רחבת הכותל קורונה

Israel Surpasses 9,000 Covid-19 Cases, Records 71 Deaths

08.04.20|Adi Pick
On Wedensday, the number of people in severe condition in Israel reached 147, with 122 people connected to ventilators as the country prepares for total lockdown during Passover
קורונה בדיקת קורונה בדרייב אין תל אביב 21.3.20

As Number of Domestic Covid-19 Cases Rises, Israel Settles on Economic Support Measures

Israel reported 3,865 confirmed coronavirus cases on Sunday morning, 66 of them in serious or critical condition, and 12 dead