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i-Derby-ER טיל רפאל

Rafael announces successful tests of I-Derby ER electromagnetic air-to-air missiles

Rafael’s I-Derby ER missile has a dual-pulse rocket motor and an active radar seeker, providing combat aircraft with performance advantages both at short ranges or beyond visual range
מערכת כיפת ברזל ליד אשדוד טילים מ עזה 12.11.19

U.S. version of Iron Dome air defense system nears realization following Raytheon, Rafael deal

04.08.20|Udi Etsion
The new partnership, called Raytheon RAFAEL Area Protection Systems, will take place in the U.S. and will produce both the Iron Dome Weapon System, which consists of the Tamir interceptor and launcher, and the SkyHunter missile, a U.S. derivative of Tamir
ניסוי בלב ים של מערכת הנשק לורה

Israel Aerospace Industries Showcases Ballistic Strike Missile

The trial, held in the open sea, was designed and performed under Covid-19 restrictions and demonstrated the capabilities of the advanced system to customers
אופק 9 התעשייה האווירית לוויין ביון לווין

The New Israeli State-Owned Company Developing Secret Rocket Technology

31.05.20|Udi Etzion
‘Tomer’ is meant to act as a center of national expertise in the field of rocket propulsion, including the tech behind the Arrow missile and Shavit launcher
מערכת כיפת ברזל ליד אשדוד טילים מ עזה 12.11.19

$100M Facts About the Iron Dome

12.11.19|Nitzan Sadan and Adi Pick
Discover the best facts about the Iron Dome with CTech. Learn more about Israeli famous anti-missile defense system, who invented it, and how does it work
ועידת התחזיות 2019 בצלאל מכליס נשיא ו מנכ"ל אלביט

Elbit Awarded $73 Million Contract to Supply Missile Systems to German Air Force

19.06.19|Adi Pick
Elbit specializes in a variety of military-oriented products, including land and naval systems, intelligence, surveillance, and electro-optical systems, and command and control systems