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יוני בלוך Yoni Bloch Eko

Start me up nation: The connection between music and high-tech

30.05.22|Maya Nahum Shaha
In a growing phenomenon in recent years, musicians are making the transition to high-tech - but can they find harmony between music and tech?
Apple Music

Apple (Music) and Honey: listeners get a glimpse into Israeli music this holiday season

26.08.21|James Spiro
Exclusive playlists created by Apple and local talent will include some of the biggest hits this year
Levi Schlozman - CTech

For JoyTunes, basketball is music to their ears

24.08.21|James Spiro
Speaking ahead of a friendly basketball game, JoyTunes talks about the importance of play
מוסף עצמאות 14.4.21 צוות JoyTunes

JoyTunes joins unicorn club with $50 million round led by Google's investment arm

21.06.21|Golan Hazani
The Israeli startup’s revenue in 2020 surged to around $100 million, although the company is still believed to not be profitable. Once that happens, JoyTunes is set to target a Wall Street IPO at a valuation far higher than $1 billion
Eyal Raz Artlist CCO

Artlist collaborates with American, European, and Israeli royalty organizations

01.06.21|James Spiro
The move will help improve the license of its music catalog and help the community of musicians
צוות של ארטליסט

Creative technology platform Artlist makes four senior appointments

The new management members will help the company with its next stage of growth on the back of a record year
Amir Hirsh Audioburst

Audioburst launches new platform to help bring podcasts to any app

31.03.21|James Spiro
Tuning into the audio craze, the company has launched Platform for Apps, a podcast feed for mobile apps
פסטיבל ישראל  מחול מתרגלים אמפתיה

Israeli cultural festivals are taking over the web

16.11.20|Maya Nahum Shahal
Many festivals have gone online in a new format, drawing record numbers of viewers
ניר אוורבוך מנכ"ל סאונד רדיקס Sound Radix

Israeli company Sound Radix wins Engineering Emmys

20.10.20|Meir Orbach
The company won the popular tech competition with a technology it developed that helped improve the sound of actors and actresses that are moving on stage. CEO Nir Averbuch: “This prize is a mark of victory for us all”
ועידת Mind the tech TLV ליאור סושרד אמן החושים וסמנכ״ל המותג robotemi

Lior Suchard’s magic touch aided Israeli startup MUGO’s acquisition by streaming giant Deezer

Master mentalist ”hypnotised” senior managers at major companies to facilitate $40 million deal
ספוטיפיי הנפקה וול סטריט

Spotify Acquires Online Music Production Marketplace SoundBetter

12.09.19|Meir Orbach
SoundBetter develops an online music production marketplace where musicians can purchase services such as mastering and mixing pieces
JoyTunes ג'וי טונס צוות

Music Education Startup JoyTunes Raises $25 Million

27.08.19|Meir Orbach
Simply Piano, JoyTunes’ signature app, shows users which piano keys to press to play the song of their choice, and has more than 10 million downloads
MyPart מתן קולנשר אריאל גדילוב

Musician Social Networking Startup MyPart Joins Abbey Road Incubator

21.08.19|Meir Orbach
MyPart enables artists to offer their original songs, lyrics, music, translations, and visual art to musicians of their choice
כנס שטכנולוגיה ומוסיקה נפגשים אלאין פריסקר

Royalty Distribution Startup Revelator Launching Mobile Payment App for Musicians

04.06.19|Meir Orbach
The application enables musicians to cash out royalties at any given time once a song has been streamed or played on the radio
כנס שטכנולוגיה ומוסיקה נפגשים יגאל קמינקא

This Startup Will Turn You Into a Pianist in Five Minutes

15.05.19|Amitay Gazit
Yigal Kaminka, founder of music education startup JoyTunes spoke Monday at Calcalist’s conference on music and technology in Tel Aviv
כנס שטכנולוגיה ומוסיקה נפגשים אריאל הורוביץ

Hey Shiri, Play me a Hebrew Song

15.05.19|Hagar Ravet and Adi Pick
Israeli singer-songwriter Ariel Horowitz spoke Monday at Calcalist’s conference on music and technology in Tel Aviv
כנס שטכנולוגיה ומוסיקה נפגשים מתן קולשנר

This Startup Utilizes Artificial Intelligence to Get Your Song to Lady Gaga

14.05.19|Tomer Hadar and Adi Pick
Matan Kollnescher, MyPart's co-founder, spoke Monday at Calcalist’s conference on music and technology
כנס שטכנולוגיה ומוסיקה נפגשים אלאין פריסקר וידאו

Artists Should Not Have to Wait a Year to Get Paid, Says Royalty Distribution Startup Exec

14.05.19|Adi Pick
Revelator develops a blockchain-based platform for royalty distributions to copyright owners
ספוטיפיי אפליקציה מוזיקה

Spotify Now Available in Hebrew

The music and podcast streaming service became available to English-savvy Israelis in March 2018, but now the company is releasing a Hebrew-supported version
הזמר קובי מרימי נציג ישראל ל ארוויזיון 2019

Theatrical Vocalist Kobi Marimi to Represent Israel in Eurovision Song Contest

13.02.19|Tofi Stoler
Marimi, known for his elaborate vocal renditions of pop culture hits defeated three other contestants at the finals of reality TV show Rising Star for Eurovision