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UK Israel Health Gateway

UK government opens gateway for Israeli tech companies interested in the NHS

12.05.22|James Spiro
The UK-Israel Tech Gateway program will open channels for collaborations and adaptation of Israeli healthcare tech for UK citizens
Joseph Mossel

Israeli AI company partners with medical service to provide better cancer screening for NHS patients

30.06.20|James Spiro
Israel-based Ibex Medical Analytics uses artificial intelligence to identify discrepancies between diagnoses and test results for pathologists
לונדון קו רקיע מגדלים 02

NHS-Backed DigitalHealth.London Partners With Medtech Company DarioHealth

19.08.19|Adi Pick
Israel-based Dario develops a diabetes management and monitoring device that lets users track their blood-glucose levels in real-time using a smartphone
מימין דיוויד קוורי דיוויד דנגור אורי חייק ו צ'ארלי דייווי השקת UK Israel Dangoor Health Initiative

U.K., IBM, Launch Israel-Based Healthcare Technology Accelerator

14.02.18|Tofi Stoler
Dubbed U.K. Israel Dangoor Health Initiative, the program aims to encourage digital health startups to plug their technologies into the U.K.'s National Health Service (NHS)