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Moshe Karko and Lilach Danewitz

Hackers can use ChatGPT too: How GenAI became a powerful cyber-weapon

11.03.24|Moshe Karko and Lilach Danewitz
"Balancing the encouragement of technological innovation with the prevention of social harm is a delicate task. Alongside the immense power of AI technologies comes great responsibility," write Moshe Karako and Lilach Danewitz of NTT Israel
ועידת טוקיו 2023 אוקה אטסוקו סגנית נשיא בכירה וראש תחום תכנון מופ NTT

"By 2025, internet traffic will jump 190 times"

31.05.23|Sophie Shulman
Oka Atsuko, Head of Research and Development Planning at the telecom giant NTT, was speaking at Calcalist's Israel-Japan Conference in Tokyo
Ctech Work After Work Noa Asher

“Finally, Japanese companies understood that Israel is a legitimate and beneficial innovation hub”

21.07.22|James Spiro
Noa Asher, CEO at NTT Innovation Laboratory Israel, spoke to CTech at Calcalist’s Work After Work event to discuss Israeli and Japanese collaboration
EOY Part 1 NEW

What does it take to be a tech CEO?

13.12.21|James Spiro
Senior executives in Israeli tech shared their secrets to success and what led them to their current positions
Kineret Muller NTT Innovation

A step toward human-centric health and wellbeing

25.11.21|Kineret Muller
To achieve human-centric health and wellbeing, individuals should have more control over their data, argues Kineret Muller
Moshe Karako NTT משה קראקו

Can AI bridge the 4 million cyber security professionals gap needed worldwide?

27.10.21|Moshe Karako
Cybersecurity and IT personnel must acknowledge the fact that AI-based automation is here to stay and adapt their skill set and expertise to leverage AI, writes Moshe Karako
Noa Asher NTT 20

“We always say that the relationship between Israeli companies and Japanese corporations is really creating a synergy."

Noa Asher, CEO of NTT Innovation Laboratory Israel, talks to Michael Matias about working with different countries and cultures
Jun Sawada

Japan’s NTT Corporation opening innovation lab in Israel

The Fortune 100 company that generates $100 billion in annual sales and operates in 80 countries is hoping to collaborate with Israeli companies and academia to develop cutting-edge technologies in various fields
Hiromichi Shinohara יו"ר NTT

Japanese Conglomerate NTT Scouts for Israeli Technologies

28.11.19|Adi Pick
While NTT is primarily a telecommunications company, it is interested in startups and technologies in the fields of cybersecurity, digital health, and autonomous vehicles
אבנר כהן otonomo ועידת מובייל ו דיגיטל

Japan’s NTT Invests $3 Million in Car Data Broker Otonomo

20.02.18|Meir Orbach
The Israel-based startup offers technology to monetize the data collected by cars