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“In Japan you should invest in trust as much as you invest in your product”

Japan's economic resurgence stands in contrast to its demographic challenges and shifting market dynamics, prompting experts to explore its implications at the fifth annual "Big in Japan" event held in Tel Aviv
Atir Jaffe Inbar Friedman

Navigating the investment market in 2023: Harnessing the power of SPVs for fund formation

17.08.23|Atir Jaffe and Inbar Friedman
"For investors and fund managers, SPVs offer a pathway to navigate the complexities of the investment landscape and capitalize on opportunities that hold the promise of great returns," write Atir Jaffe and Inbar Friedman of Pearl Cohen law firm
Tal Rotman Pearl Cohen 20

“Most people don't go to mediation. I think that's a market failure.”

Mediation is an underutilized option for settling disputes, says Tal Rotman, partner and chair of alternative dispute resolution at Pearl Cohen.

Annual Israel-Japan event mourns Shinzo, praises relations between the two nations

28.07.22|James Spiro
Big In Japan was hosted by SOMPO Digital Lab Tel Aviv, Aristagora VC, and held at the Pearl Cohen offices.
Telefonica Luisa Rubio Wayra X

Telefonica’s venture arm Wayra touches base in Israel looking for investments

10.05.22|James Spiro
Its mission is to help the Spanish telecom giant with its innovation efforts
תמר ון דר באום ו יואב אלקלעי ממשרד פרל כהן

The path to Wall Street is paved with patents for Biotech companies

29.09.21|Tamar van der Boom and Yoav Alkalay
"Building a useful patent portfolio requires the company to define quantity and quality targets, for the short, medium, and long terms," write Tamar van der Boom and Yoav Alkalay of Pearl Cohen law firm
Part 2 Rosh Hashana Collage

We asked: 'What was the biggest moment for you this year?'

06.09.21|James Spiro
(Part Two) It’s been a crazy year of ups and downs - and Israel’s tech ecosystem is here to answer the question on everyone’s mind
Jarred Gali Hili July4

American Israeli experts share insights on US Independence Day

04.07.21|James Spiro
As Americans celebrate their independence, CTech spoke with three Israelis who live their lives in both nations
Guy Lachmann pearl cohen

Experts discuss Israeli and Japanese partnership at DevOps conference

03.05.21|James Spiro
Speaking at a conference hosted by Pearl Cohen law firm, leaders from JFrog, SOMPO Digital Lab, and Grove Ventures shared their insights
Zionism Aliyah Group

Jewish immigrants share their journeys home to Israel

17.04.21|James Spiro
On Israel’s Independence Day, six immigrants from around the world shared what makes the country so special for them
Guy Lachmann pearl cohen

The tech market marches on, despite 2020 setbacks from Covid-19

On Wednesday, Fusion LA and Pearl Cohen held their exclusive annual Trends and Forecast for 2020-2021 VCs conference, this year – on Zoom. StageOne’s Tal Slobodkin, S Capital’s Aya Peterburg, and Bessemer Venture Partners’s Amit Karp weighed in
בורסת פרנקפורט בורסה מבפנים מרץ 2020

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is looking for Israeli technology companies

A webinar presented a new option to Israeli companies: an IPO on the relatively new Scale segment of the German stock market, which offers reduced regulation- adapted for small growth companies.

Five patents you should know about for Halloween 2020

29.10.20|Adv. Nathan Renov
Masks, decorations, and social distancing - here are the patents that are keeping us safe in a Halloween spooked with Covid-19
ינון דולב מנהל מעבדות החדשנות של סומפו בישראל

The Coronavirus Crisis Can Help See Who is Faking it in Israel’s Tech Industry, Says Japanese Investor

26.05.20|Adi Pick
Nobuyuki Akimoto, managing director at AT Partners, a Japanese venture capital fund that invests in Israeli funds, spoke about Japanese investments during the Covid-19 era
סנטה מוניקה קליפורניה חוף

California-Based Accelerator Expert Dojo Selects Four Israeli Startups

11.11.19|Adi Pick
This is Expert Dojo's first international cohort, comprised of 10 startups from India, Italy, Spain, Ireland, the U.K., and Israel