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Pitango, Eyal Niv

"Anytime we’re threatened, we become more Israeli"

26.03.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Pitango First’s Eyal Niv joined CTech to share insights about Israel and its tech sector as we settle into 2024
Generative AI Chip

Mapping Israel's GenAI security pioneers

01.02.24|Sophie Shulman
It is estimated that in the past year there were between eight and ten Seed rounds for Israeli AI security companies, averaging $5-6 million
Aviv Barzilay

The Digital CFO: Leveraging tech to cut costs instead of headcounts

28.09.23|Aviv Barzilay
“CFOs must proactively adopt and invest in digital technologies that automate their systems at scale, and quickly capture value at each core business function,” writes Aviv Barzilay, a Senior Associate at Pitango First
וידאו CTech Tokyo Conference Yair Kasuto

"You can't just focus on the US, Japan is a significant market for a company that is scaling up"

01.06.23|CTech, Ariela Karmel
"When companies reach a certain maturity level of tens of millions of dollars, it's the right time to go out and address the Japanese market," Yair Cassuto, General Partner at Pitango First, told CTech at the Israel-Japan Conference in Tokyo
ועידת טוקיו 2023 נובויוקי אקימוטו

"Conservatism can be a foundation for innovation"

30.05.23|Omer Kabir
Nobuyuki Akimoto, Co-Founder & Managing Director, AT Partners, was speaking at Calcalist's Israel-Japan Conference in Tokyo. He offered tips for large Japanese corporations that want to promote innovation and said that Israel can be a good mentor for Japan
 CTech Tech on the beach Aviv Barzilay וידאו

"Israeli tech joined the generative AI game a little bit late, but is in a very good position to lead"

04.05.23|Ariela Karmel
Aviv Barzilay, Senior Associate at Pitango First, spoke to CTech at Calcalist’s Tech on the Beach event about why generative AI isn’t going anywhere
Avi Aviv Intel Pitango

85% of CTOs will use GenAI and LLMs for their R&D teams

30.04.23|James Spiro
The joint survey, conducted by Pitango First and Intel Ignite, showed that more than half of participants see an ‘immediate’ effect on the way their teams operate
Eyal Niv Pitango

Existing companies will “eat or be eaten” in 2023, says Pitango First

16.01.23|Elihay Vidal, James Spiro
Managing Partner Eyal Niv joined CTech for its 2022 VC Survey series to explore options in the year ahead for tech startups
Aviv Barzilay Ayal Itzkovitz Pitango First

Pitango launches Web 3.0 venture lab, setting up DAO

The venture capital firm is aiming to create bridges between Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 via partnerships with ventures that have sustainable growth models through equity and/or token based investments
מימין בנימין הירשברג שאולי רוזן ו לאוניד סנדלר מייסדי ארמו

ARMO emerges from stealth with $4.5 million seed for cloud-native workloads solution

The Israeli startup aims to add visibility, control and security for DevOps in cloud-native environments