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הפגנה מחאה הפיכה משטרית

Calcalist Exclusive: Arthur Dantchik, the main donor of Forum Kohelet, stops financial support of the organization

04.08.23|Adrian Filut
The American multi-billionaire is halting his donations to the organization behind the judicial coup: “When a society becomes dangerously fragmented, people must come together to preserve democracy”
הפגנה מחאה רפורמה משפטית מפגינים ברחוב קפלן תל אביב

Israeli leaders rebuff Moody's outlook cut, protests persist

Moody's report issued on Friday marks the latest warning about a potential economic backlash to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's legislative push
מפגינים באיילון אחרי פיטורי גלנט הפיכה משטרית

Historic strike: Israeli tech sector joins general strike as judicial reform plan sparks government chaos

The striking companies include publicly-traded firms like Wix, Lemonade, and Fiverr, as well as the likes of Dazz, Natural Intelligence, Skai, and VC firms such as Pitango and Team8
מפגינים באיילון אחרי פיטורי גלנט הפיכה משטרית

Netanyahu sacks defence minister, sparking mass protests

Tens of thousands of protesters, many waving blue and white Israeli flags, took to the streets late at night across the country. Crowds gathered outside Netanyahu's home in Jerusalem, at one point breaching a security cordon
הפגנה מחאה הפיכה משטרית

Moscow on the Yarkon: Fighting for Israel's future

20.03.23|Sophie Shulman
As a teenage immigrant to Israel who grew up in a non-democratic regime in Russia, Calcalist's Sophie Shulman knows Israel may not be perfect, but it is home and she will fight for it
יום השיבוש הלאומי הפגה מחאה הייטקיסטים הייטק הרצליה

Demonstration nation: Business unusual

05.03.23|Shaul Olmert
Concerned for Israel’s future in light of the government’s pending judicial coup, for many in Israel’s high-tech world, including Shaul Olmert, protesting while working has become the new normal
מוסף שבועי 2.2.23  האיור מכתבת שאול

This is fine? Wake up and smell the smoke!

02.02.23|Shaul Amsterdamski
"High-tech is not only the engine of the economy - it is also the shield. It is our wall of defense against inflation. It protects the pocket of each and every one of us," writes Shaul Amsterdamski
מחאה הפגנה עצמאיים אמנים משבר כלכלי קורונה בלפור ירושלים

Protests escalate in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv as discontent from government’s response to Covid-19 grows

During Saturday's protests, police used water cannons to disperse the crowd of 1,500 people around Netanyahu's residence, while in Tel Aviv, police used tear gas to try to stop the demonstrators from marching through the streets and blocking traffic
הפגנה ירושלים  בית ראש הממשלה שחיתות 14 ביולי 2021 3

Dozens of protesters arrested as demonstration in front of PM's residence turns ugly

15.07.20|Yael Freidson, YNET
The "Black Flags" demonstration was organized in response to police's removal of tents set up by anti-corruption activists outside the premier's residence
הפגנה הפגנת מחאת ה להט"ב חוק ה פונדקאות עזריאלי 3

Apple Hops on LGBT Support Wagon in Israel

22.07.18|Lilach Baumer
Crowds are currently marching in several Israeli cities, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, in protest of ongoing government discrimination against the LGBT community

Following Gaza Fence Events, Indonesia Cancels Visas Issued to Israelis

22.05.18|Yoav Stoler
Israel has no formal diplomatic relations with Indonesia, but the two countries maintain economic ties, and Israelis can visit the country using temporary tourist visas, and business visas
הפרות סדר עימותים ב גבול רצועת עזה גדר

CTech’s Weekly Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Israeli-made UAV dumps skunk-water on Gaza protesters. Homegrown content distribution company boosted the Israeli song ahead of Eurovision final.
העימותים ו מהומות ב הפגנות ב רצועת עזה גדר

Israeli-Made UAV Dumps Skunk-Water on Gaza Protesters

16.05.18|Hezi Sternlicht
The Israeli Defense Ministry shared a video of the "new protest dispersion technology" on Twitter. Israeli defense forces have also been using live fire on Palestinian protesters
עובדי טבע בקריית שמונה מפגינים

Employees Protest Outside Teva’s Israeli Facilities

14.12.17|Omer Kabir, Yoav Stoler and Keren-Or Grinberg
The demonstrations outside the company's facilities held Thursday foreshadow a full-out strike planned by the company’s employees for Sunday