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פנים של הדירה שנמכרה על ידי ולרי קוגן פנטהאוז מגדל SEA ONE

Once the most expensive penthouse in Israel, oligarch sells Tel Aviv seafront apartment for a reduced $33M

30.05.24|Dotan Levy
Russian billionaire Valery Kogan bought the apartment on the 23rd floor of the SEA ONE Tower for around $30 million 15 years ago and spent several more millions in renovations. The buyers are Avivit Irini, the daughter of businessman Avraham Irini, and her partner Michael Sheina.
כנס פיננסים - פאנל נדל"ן מימין שמעון אבודרהם מנכ"ל אמות צבי שיף שותף וראש אשכול פיננסים BDO רון אבידן מנכ"ל אזורים ו נטע-לי בינשטוק כלכליסט וידאו

"The decline in construction will lead to a supply crisis as early as 2024"

25.01.24|Maayan Manela
Ron Avidan, CEO of Azorim Properties, spoke during a real estate panel at Calcalist’s Economy of Tomorrow event along with Zvi Shif, Partner and Head of the Financial Cluster at BDO, about how the labor supply shortage will lead to an increase in real estate prices
כנס פיננסים - יאיר קפלן מנכל בנק ירושלים וידאו

Bank of Jerusalem CEO on the real estate market: "Vulnerable entrepreneurs will go bankrupt"

25.01.24|Shaked Garin
Yair Kaplan spoke at Calcalist, the Bank of Jerusalem, and BDO’s Economy of Tomorrow event about the future of the real estate market, saying that “the government must act preemptively and activate the Housing Cabinet.”
הוועידה הכלכלית לאומית אסי טוכמאייר ו ברק רוזן בעלים, ישראל קנדה נדל"ן וידאו

Since 7/10 Israel Canada has sold 146 apartments for $129 million

27.11.23|Golan Hazani
The real estate company completed the third quarter before the war with a 75% decrease in profit to $2.19 million.
מגדל לוינשטיין דרך מנחם בגין תל אביב

Vesttoo's collapse to cost Meshulam Levinstein real estate company 5.4 million NIS

02.11.23|Almog Azar
Insurtech company Vesttoo, which rented office space in Levinstein Tower for a quarter of a million shekels per month, has collapsed due to suspected embezzlement of billions of shekels.
qbig Team

qbiq secures $10 million in Seed for its GenAI real estate planning platform

20.09.23|James Spiro
The Israeli startup’s GenAI planning and visualization platform instantly creates customized layout alternatives and 3D virtual tours
Austin Texas

Austin, Nashville, and Miami emerge as top U.S. commercial real estate investment destinations

20.09.23|Tamar Tunik
Austin retained its top position, with Nashville and Miami securing significant votes from respondents, and Charlotte and Raleigh also being named as top destinations
תל אביב משרדים שרונה מגדלי עזריאלי

Tel Aviv real estate market hit hardest by tech slowdown

10.09.23|Dotan Levi
Two recent reports by real estate companies Natam and Inter Israel indicate that the market is correcting downwards with the trend particularly noticeable in the business center of Tel Aviv
פרות ו טורבינות בגבעות מונטזומה

Urban living reimagined or tech takeover? The divisive private city venture

31.08.23|Omer Kabir
The widow of Steve Jobs, the founder of LinkedIn and former CEO of GitHub, are just a few of the tech entrepreneurs involved in the initiative to develop a mega-private city in the Montezuma Hills in California
הנפקת סלינה ב נאסד"ק המייסדים רפי מוסרי ו דניאל רודסבסקי

After losing almost 90% of its value: Is Selina on its way to becoming the next WeWork?

04.05.23|Viki Auslender
The Israeli-founded company, which completed its IPO in 2022 at a valuation of $1.2 billion, currently has a market cap of just $130 million
MyTower Team

MyTower raises $4 million to expand its property intelligence management platform

19.12.22|James Spiro
The Israeli startup’s solution aims to connect and enhance property and service management
מגדל Toha2 תל אביב הדמיה

Google to pay over $30 million a year in Israel’s largest ever office rental deal

11.11.22|Dotan Levy
The tech giant is close to a deal that will see it pay over $300 million over 10 years for 55,000 square meters at the new ToHa2 tower currently being built in Tel Aviv
Landa co-founders

Landa raises $25 million Series A for inclusive real estate investing platform

Through a fractional ownership model, the Israeli-founded startup enables individuals to access the real estate market for as little as $5
אדם נוימן ברקע הוסטל של סלינה

WeBack: Adam Neumann raises $350 million from Andreessen Horowitz for real estate firm Flow

In 2019, Neumann agreed to resign as CEO of WeWork and give up majority voting control of the company after SoftBank and other shareholders turned on him over a plunge in the company’s estimated valuation ahead of a planned initial public offering
Roie Kaner is an Israeli real estate sp

The Israeli broker on a mission to show Israel’s luxury listings

16.06.22|Sponsored Content
ועידת כלכליסט ביוון מימין סופי שולמן נטליה סטרפטי אריקוס ארונס אלני ורטו סטוורוס טוליאס ו אלכסנדרוס אנגלופולוס וידאו

"The bad news for Israelis is that we have sold everything in our latest projects"

07.06.22|Adrian Filut
In a panel on real estate as part of the Calcalist Israel-Greece Conference in collaboration with Aroundtown and Brown Hotels, Eleni Vrettou of the Greek real estate giant Lamda Development said: "You will have to wait for the next wave."
פרנק רוזין אולפן ועידת ישראל-יוון

“Greece is more interesting for us when it comes to tourism”

06.06.22|James Spiro
Frank Roseen, Executive Director Capital Markets & Member of the Board of Directors, Aroundtown, joined Elihay Vidal at Calcalist’s Israel-Greece conference to discuss real estate in the region
Petros Machas

From crisis to success – The real estate rebirth in Greece

19.05.22|Petros Machas
"We believe that the collaboration between Greece and Israel can prove a strategic-game-changer in the real estate and tourism sector in Greece," writes Petros Machas, Founding Partner & Chairman at Machas & Partners Law Firm